Great Good Fine Ok Announces New EP out 3/22, Shares New Single “Breathing”

January 12, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

LA-via-Brooklyn synth-pop stalwarts Great Good Fine Ok kick off the new year with the announcement of their forthcoming EP EXIST out March 22, 2024 via Nettwerk. Arriving with the news is the band’s new single “Breathing” and an accompanied music video.

“Breathing” is a sonic journey through pulsating basslines, simmering drums, and wah-wah groans, all set against a neon-hued backdrop. The track encapsulates the band’s signature blend of groovy yet sonically dynamic elements, creating an immersive and infectious musical experience.

In the midst of societal chaos and uncertainty, Great Good Fine Ok delivers a poignant message with “Breathing.” The band reflects, “Our favorite mantra is that ‘It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle it.’ In a world so fraught with anxiety triggers, we’re told that the first and easiest step is to just…breathe. However, It can be hard when there are wars happening, human rights are being threatened, folks are claiming to see aliens, and the ground is metaphorically and literally shaking. Over the past few years, each of us has either become an expert at breathing through the hard times, or we’ve struggled. This song is a reminder to give up trying to have control and keep on breathing.”


Paired with “Breathing” is a stunning music video directed by Zebulon Griffin (Jonah Kagen, UPSAHL) and the team at Columinati Films (Griffin, Cory Messer, Robyn Griffin). The visuals explore the surreal scenario of people continuing with mundane tasks amidst a crumbling world. A satirical portrayal of human indifference, the clip invites viewers to consider the possibility of alternate realities through vibrant neon portals.

“Breathing” follows the duo’s two previous late 2023 singles, Blame and Will We Make It?” These colorful, groove-laden tracks have served as a tantalizing preview of EXIST’s sprawling voyage that transcends sonic boundaries and explores the multifaceted aspects of existence. The EXIST EP is another testament to the band’s musical prowess that has spanned for a decade as the duo continues to provide listeners with music that’s both emotionally resonant and irresistibly danceable.

GGFO reveals this about their forthcoming EP, The definition of the word ‘exist’ is to ‘live, especially under adverse conditions.’ There’s no single word that better sums up the themes of the 5 songs on our 6th EP. EXIST reflects the hearts and minds of two guys who have learned a lot in the past 10 years since GGFO started in 2013. We’ve been famously based in Brooklyn for all that time, but these 5 songs were all written in LA, the city that has unexpectedly become our new home post pandemic. Change can certainly be the catalyst for creativity and inspiration, and I think that’s why this new batch of songs feels new and unique while oddly feeling like the MOST GGFO stuff we’ve ever done. We’ve evolved personally and musically. The concepts are more mature and less surface level. This EP feels more colorful, vast, and nuanced, both sonically and lyrically. We’ve never been strangers to writing about love, change, heartbreak, relationships, and hard times but this time around we address the grey areas more than ever. Complicated ideas that everyone can relate to.”

“Breathing” is available on all DSPs here:

EXIST EP Tracklisting:
1. Breathing

2. Blame

3. Will We Make It?

4. Led Me to You

5. Make This Moment Last

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