German Indie-Pop Artist lùisa Shares New Album & Video       

May 20, 2021 BY Nettwerk

German indie-pop artist and multi-instrumentalist lùisa released her third full-length album, New Woman, on May 7th, 2021. The album tackles grief, female empowerment, and social activism with stirring and emotional pop laced with a touch of eighties indie rock nostalgia. Though the lyrics revolve around loss and grief, the album stays hopeful as lùisa does not focus on the hardships, but rather the way out of them. She adds, “I am really excited about the release of my new album ‘New Woman’! The record is about fighting, never giving up, and rising again even after the hardest of times. For me, the album writing process has been an extraordinary journey and a form of empowerment. I hope this LP will provide hope and inspiration for self-empowerment to all listeners in these challenging times.”

For the album’s recording, she recruited Berlin-based producer Tobias Siebert, known for his work with Me And My Drummer, among others. The result is an exciting, groove-laden album with clear seventies and eighties influences like Fleetwood Mac and Sade blended with modern indie-pop references like The War On Drugs and Christine and The Queens.

Today she shares the official video for the track “Burn Out.” lúisa explains the concept behind the track, “It about the irony when you’re very passionate about your job even though you are underpaid and maybe also unvalued. Still, you run after the myth to always give more. I wrote this song channeling my own experience in the music industry. The line ‘Too soft too cool too ambitious just not enough to be your man’ refers to the double standard that working women still face compared to men. As a working woman, if you try to be nice and empathetic, you’re asked not to be too kind and not to justify yourself. If you are straight and direct, you are perceived as too cool. If you try to give 150%, you’re often perceived as too ambitious or too perfectionist even though a man would get applauded. I needed to get this off my chest by writing this disco-inspired song. Maybe you can relate, I hope you enjoy it!