German Based Twin Brother Duo, Amistat Sign To Nettwerk and Share the Cinematic “Falling”

January 27, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Nettwerk is excited to announce the signing of the German born twin brother duo, Amistat with the release of their new single “Falling” accompanied with an official music video and a live session. Josef and Jan Prasil of Amistat showcase delicate lush, fingerpicked guitars entangled with soft piano as the track builds towards a powerfully pensive refrain allowing their beautiful and clear cinematic vocals to create blissful tension. On “Falling,” the duo share Fall down seven, get up eight! ´falling ‘speaks about being on the right path of pursuing your dreams and still being challenged and tested to see how much you believe in yourself and turning that dream into a reality.”

“I was reflecting on the last decade,” recalls Jan. “There were so many moments where we knew we were on the right path, but we kept falling. Maybe that’s how it needs to be for a certain moment of time—or even forever. While you live life this way, try to keep your head up, but keep going and accept failing and falling are part of it. We love this Denzel Washington quote, ‘Fall down seven times. Get up eight’.”




Amistat joins Nettwerk’s expanding roster of indie folk artists, including Ocie Elliott, Harrison Storm, Riley Pearce, and Hollow Coves.


Born in Germany with roots in the Czech Republic and Australia, twin brothers, Amistat—Josef and Jan Prasil—share an unspoken and unexplainable bond best sung aloud. The power of this bond courses through their familial harmonies and eloquent songcraft accented by individual idiosyncrasies. Songs unfold like stories with two narrators, allowing both voices space to ring out.

The pair developed a signature style over the course of a series of independent EPs highlighted by singles such as “Far From Home,” which generated over 1.6 million Spotify streams and counting. Along the way, they toured across Australia, the UK, and Europe in addition to gracing the bills of Woodford Folk FestivalNational Folk FestivalFairbridge, and Nannup. 2021’s Still Alive EP boasted fan favorites a la “Listen to the Silence,” “Brave,” and “Build A Home,” generating over 5 million total streams. After generating millions of streams and performing to packed crowds on multiple continents, the duo’s vibrancy shines on their 2023 upcoming EP to be released with Nettwerk.

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