German Artist Lùisa Returns With New Single “Deep Sea State Of Mind”       

September 18, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Today, German indie pop artist lùisa shares “Deep Sea State of Mind,” her first new single in three years. It presents itself as a fitting anthem for our time: the song is about retreating into the mystical depths of self to find the connection to the essential again, far away from anything superficial or the pressure to perform. The track is the first taste of her long-awaited new album, coming Spring 2021.

Lùisa explains, “Every day we are flooded with images and expectations. We are told to optimize and deliver constant output. Sometimes everything feels too much, too bright, too loud, we lose the connection to what is really important. Then our mind searches for deeper answers, and we need the space in which we see our own vulnerability and sadness not as weakness but as our human depth.”

She continues with an explanation about why it took so long to drop new music: “I was actually a bit lost myself. In retrospect, I’m totally happy that I took the time to make this album. I had to collect myself and find new things.” Now lùisa is ready to reappear.



Regarding the video she says, “The video shoot was a very special and very intense experience. We had three-night shoots from 8 pm to 5 am, shooting in the rain in the deserted nocturnal city and in the freezing cold North Sea in Denmark. The great filmmakers Jonathan Junge and Jakob Michal from flick really understood and interpreted the song in a very special way. Through their film concept, they have also taken up the collective experience of isolation and crisis, based on what we have all experienced over the past months. I’m very happy with what has been created through our collaboration.”

For the upcoming album, she recruited Berlin producer Tobias Siebert–known for his work with Me And My Drummer, among others–to help her with the project. In the ghost town of Berlin at the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, they retreated to the studio. The result is an exciting, groove-laden album with clear seventies and eighties influences blended with modern indie-pop moments.

Stay tuned for more to come from lùisa soon.