Garrett Kato Shares Sonically Lush EP, ‘Nightwawks’

September 1, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, singer, songwriter, and platinum-award winning producer Garrett Kato is excited share his new EP, Nighthawks, a new body of intimate and vulnerable songs.  Nighthawks features his new single “Dumb,” alongside “Losing Touch,” “Slow Motion,” “Changing,” and “Never Alone” feat. Elina, the production is bigger, adventurous, experimental and embraces a new chapter. There’s exploration of pop, lo-fi, vintage sounds combined with Garrett Kato’s classic singer-songwriter grit.

His internal conversation manifests in his music and is all throughout throughout this EP with his diligent tinkering as a producer, unfiltered candor as a songwriter, and artful arrangements as a creator commune in one open dialogue soundtracked by a delicate synthesis of folk, indie, and alternative. As such, the songs preserve personal memories worth holding onto, ease moments of anxiety and confusion, and provide reprieve. Nighthawks is out today and available all streaming platforms here.

Garrett shares, “If I had a camera watching me in the studio, you’d think I was borderline insane. My brain switches between the technical engineering aspects of tone, EQ, and compression and the philosophical side of songwriting. The guitar tones and drum samples are just as important to the story as the lyrics are. It all creates a feeling.”


After tuning into his acoustic inclinations on his previous full-length Small Town RitualsGarrett sought out aesthetically bigger production. “Rather than approaching this as a ‘collection’, I’d finish one song and move onto the next from scratch. Each track grabs a snippet of a moment in time. Nighthawks uplifts sharp storytelling with an energetic and lush folk scope, transmitting raw emotions with a sense of universality. Ultimately, Garrett invites you to partake in this musical conversation. “I just want you to hear yourself in it,” he shares. “I hope the songs are universal and you can relate to them, understand, and empathize. Maybe it becomes a chapter of your life too.”




Slow Motion

Losing Touch


Never Alone




Sept 1 – Auckland, New Zealand – The Tuning Fork

Sept 29 – Freemantle, WA, Australia – Freo.Social

Oct 7 – Sydney, NSW, Australia – Metro Theatre

Oct 13 – Hobart, TAS, Australia – Altar

Oct 14 – Northcote, VIC, Australia – Northcote Theatre

Oct 20 – Brisbane, QLD, Australia – Princess Theatre, Woolloongabba

Oct 21 – Gold Coast, QLD, Australia – Miami Marketta


Wanderlust brought Garrett from Canada to Byron Bay where he eventually married, started a family, and made a home. Simultaneously, his artistry evolved through careful commitment to the craft. Garrett has generated over 180 million streams and captivated audiences worldwide. Following 2018’s That Low and Lonesome Sound, his music resonated worldwide via Hemispheres in 2020. “Take It Slowly” surpassed 20 million Spotify streams, while “Breathe It In” [with Julia Stone] generated over 16.4 million Spotify streams. Highlighted by “With You,” his 2022 offering, Small Town Rituals, granted Kato over 1 million Shazam’s maintaining his momentum. Simultaneously, Garrett’s production and songwriting catalog expanded. He collaborated with Ziggy Alberts on the Four Feet in the Forest EP (Platinum in Australia) and Laps Around the Sun (Gold in Australia) and helmed projects for BudjerahKyle LionheartJack BottsJem Cassar-DalyPete Murray, and Pierce Brothers, to name a few.

Photo credit: Glenn Mossip – DOWNLOAD HERE