Garrett Kato Releases New Album ‘hemispheres’

December 4, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Singer, songwriter and producer Garrett Kato releases his full-length album hemispheres, which combines his last pair of EPs, n. hemisphere and s. hemisphere, along with two additional songs (“I See You” and “All Good”) and acoustic versions of “Moon” and “It’s Easier When You’re Standing There.” It’s a journey that wraps both hemispheres together into one musical odyssey blanketed by a patchwork of folk, indie, alternative, and rock.  Listen to the album HERE.

He says, “hemispheres is the culmination of both EPs. Made by chance. The story starts ten years ago landing on the shores of Australia and building a new life. It’s divided into two parts; life and identity in Canada and a transformation in Australia.”

The last unreleased song on the album is “All Good,” a heartbreaking piano ballad about the moment you realize someone who was once so close to you is now a complete stranger.

Listen & Share “All Good” Here:

The album boasts previously released fan favorites such as “Breathe It In” [feat. Julia Stone] (3.3 million Spotify streams), “Holding On To You” (2.7 million Spotify streams) and “It’s Easier When You’re Standing There” (1.3 million Spotify streams).

Garrett traded Canada for Byron Bay in 2010, planting roots after years of nomadic living.  By 2020, he generated upwards of 50 million worldwide streams and performed sold-out shows alongside Damien Rice and Ziggy Alberts. He landed syncs in blockbusters like Bad Moms as “Take It Slowly” exceeded 13.6 million Spotify streams. His 2019 EP, Distant Land, earned the endorsement of Triple J and Beatroute Magazine as the title track eclipsed 3 million Spotify streams. He also cemented himself as an in-demand producer, working with the aforementioned Ziggy Alberts on his 2016 EP Four Feet in the Forest (certified Platinum in Aus) and his 2018 album Laps Around the Sun (certified Platinum in Aus), as well as releases from Kyle Lionheart, Pete Murray, Pierce Brothers, and more. Creating out of his personal studio, he crafted the two EPs and additional songs that would make up hemispheres.

In the end, Garrett’s journey resonates across hemispheres. He adds, “Like most stories there’s still more to go. For now, this is me.”