Freak-Folk Artist Cereus Bright Releases the Illuminating New EP ‘Car Alarm’

September 22, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Today, Knoxville freak-folk artist Tyler Anthony monikered Cereus Bright releases his new EP Car Alarm via Nettwerk. In four-songs, Bright examines the intricacies of day-to-day life through artful arrangements that hear subtle saxophones on “Chasing the Feeling,” warm violin lines on the road-trippin’ “Seven Wonders,” and modest auto-tune on “Car Alarm.” It’s a slight shift from his 2021 LP, Give Me Time, and a welcomed use of experimentation. Listen to Car Alarm on all digital retailers (here).

“Car Alarm is about worlds dissolving into each other. Myth meets the mundane,” explains Bright. Questions give way to dreams. It’s a simultaneous investigation of day-to-day existentialism and the power of the unknown. Written across a decade, songs represent markers from different chapters, but all asking the same question: ‘is this it?’”


Life transpires between extreme ups and downs. However, all the magic happens in the middle. As if tracing an emotional fault line right down the center, Cereus Bright explores this space with an intimate eye-for-detail and a universal appeal. The Knoxville, TN singer, songwriter, and artist born Tyler Anthony magnifies fits of emotion in the form of magnetic hooks only to delicately examine identity via inventive and immersive soundscapes.

Since 2012, Cereus Bright has quietly moved into this light. He enraptured, entranced, and engaged listeners with albums such as Excuses [2016] and Give Me Time [2021]. Meanwhile, fan favorite “Stella” amassed 18 million-plus Spotify streams followed by “American Dream” with over 8-million Spotify streams. Along the way, he emerged as the rare presence who could share the stage with either The Oh Hellos or Sturgill Simpson and Philip Phillips. Throughout 2022, he recorded his latest body of work. He’s received the acclaim of tastemakers like Paste, American Songwriter, The Talkhouse, and Consequence of Sound.

“Where my last record was very personal and intimate, I wanted this project to expand to bigger ideas,” he notes. “I attempted to take the mundane and make it abstract. When you put something familiar in an unfamiliar place, you see it differently. To get there, I explored more mythological and otherwordly ideas and sounds than ever before – while trying to retain the core intimacy of songwriting that I’ve always strived for. I hope what we made is a perfect balance.”

Now, after signing to Nettwerk, Cereus Bright returns with a revitalized sound. Stay tuned for more.

Download EP Artwork Here

Track List:

1. Seven Wonders
2. Chasing the Feeling
3. Horizon
4. Car Alarm