Folk Songwriter Davis John Patton Shares the Intimate New EP ‘Songs From Davis’

November 19, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Today, Iowa-born singer-songwriter and producer Davis John Patton releases his tender and thought-provoking new EP, Songs From Davis. Over the course of five-songs, Davis beautifully explores his roots by meditating on touchstones of his past. Earthy acoustics and atmospheric synth layers convey a sense of introspection as Davis grapples with questions about his own existence. His vocal harmonies cut with absolute purity as he opens his soul with unbridled authenticity.

“In the past year, I started to write about existence and what life and death mean to me,” he says. “I’m asking some big questions in a personal way. Sonically, it combines the enjoyment of making music in my bedroom when I was younger with some of the expertise I’ve picked up over the past couple of years.”

Singles “Rosewood” and “Eason” act as companion pieces exploring Patton’s youth. A reflection on memories growing up on Rosewood Drive and attending Eason Elementary, Davis looks fondly on the innocence of childhood and the complexities of life changes. “Brevity” and “The Oceans” aim to tackle the deeper questions. Can we find the beauty in brevity or in the constant waves of uncertainty that life presents? Finally, “Bleak Midwestern Winter” finds comfort in the cold despite the harshness of winter.

Listen to Songs For Davis on digital retailers HERE

The music of Davis John Patton often resembles the feeling of discovering, dusting off, and opening up an old photo album. He takes all of those emotions and commutes them into handcrafted, yet layered and textured folk.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Davis found himself drawn to music at a young age. His mom enrolled him in piano lessons during first grade. Three years later, he picked up guitar. In between choir at church and school, he discovered Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago and embraced acoustic folk. As a college student, Davis introduced himself on the 2018 independent EP, Forest Park, followed by his 2019 Nettwerk debut EP From The Garden and 2020’s Poetry EP. After amassing millions of streams and receiving acclaim from American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine, Paste Magazine, and more, Davis encourages listeners to not just think, but to also feel out loud on Songs From Davis.

As the world quieted due to the Pandemic, he found himself engrossed in reflection. A trip to his folks’ place galvanized his writing process.

“My parents were selling the house I grew up in,” he recalls. “It had been 20 years, so there was a lot of emotion. One literal artifact of inspiration triggered my creativity. I was scrolling through old photos and looking at prints from the pharmacy back in the day. There was this artsy picture of me jumping in a pile of leaves from the year 2000. My first thought was, ‘That’d be a cool album cover’. All of the ideas I’d been writing about existence suddenly made sense.”

In the end, Songs From Davis tackles some big questions, but it also allows everyone to get a little closer to Davis.



“…delicate instrumentation carries his vocals down a stream of consciousness.” – American Songwriter


“Patton weaves together a heartwarming ambience that shimmers with inspiration and hope.” – Atwood Magazine


“The warm tone from the vocal makes the whole style feel familiar. Even if you’ve never heard Patton before, his style feels like an old friend.” – Ear to the Ground Music


“His music brings together unique, gentle instrumentation and graceful melodies similar to artists like Bon Iver, Novo Amor, and Sufjan Stevens…” –Paste Magazine