June 30, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, Flemish lofi producer and talented trumpeter Phlocalyst announces his new LP Page Break; his second full-length release with Nettwerk.

The seven-track project picks up where Phlocalyst left off on his first LP with Nettwerk Insights in more ways than one. Not only does Page Break share the muted-trumpet-heavy composition style of the previous EP, but avid viewers will notice that, much like Insights, the cover art for each Page Break single comprises a part of the full album art.

Phlocalyst began making music in 2017, and his rich catalog has surpassed 250 million streams on Spotify alone. He has also been a pioneer of bringing lofi beyond the computer screen, having done DJ sets with live trumpet in Belgium, Spain, Germany, France and more. Fans are likely to recognize him from his curly blonde hair and signature blue baseball cap; although sports-wise, he prefers soccer and darts.

Page Break is available at all digital retailers here: https://phlocalyst.ffm.to/pagebreak

Page Break Tracklist

01. Rising Morning

02. Sapphire Bounce

03. Zeal Pt. 2

04. Marbles

05. Again

06. Emmitouflé

07. Our Time