Experimental Singer-Songwriter Cereus Bright Returns With Captivating New Single + Video “Seven Wonders”

May 30, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Cereus Bright, the musical moniker of Knoxville’s talented songwriter Tyler Anthony, releases his mesmerizing new single, “Seven Wonders.”  He also announces his signing to Nettwerk Music group.

“’Seven Wonders’ explores the abstraction and confusion of our ever-changing reality. Polish philosopher, Zygmunt Bauman, describes these times as “liquid modernity” – a point where things are changing and evolving so fast that we can’t even find a frame of reference to put ourselves in. What happens when your way of understanding yourself is constantly in flux? What happens when ideas that used to support you now strangle you? What happens when nothing feels trustworthy or even knowable?” pleads Cereus. 

“Seven Wonders” explores this loss of certainty, the space it creates, and the hope for an answer when the dust settles. The sounds and production choices on this song and the upcoming project are lush, fantastical, and ethereal – hoping to expand the small and mundane to an infinite, cosmic size so we can look at complex, vague questions as loudly and colorfully as possible. 

Cereus continues, “On my last album, I was looking back – recounting the past and trying to answer the question, “How did I get to be who I am?” by exploring personal, intimate stories. Seven Wonders represents a step into the unknown – looking to the future or into the imagined and asking, “What’s next?”

With his soul-stirring vocals and masterful songwriting, Tyler Anthony crafts a sonic landscape that resonates with audiences. “Seven Wonders” is not merely a song; it reflects the zeitgeist, a call to question, and an invitation to embrace the unknown with courage and open hearts.

About Cereus:

As a budding indie-folk-pop outfit, Cereus Bright, aka Tyler Anthony, and his rotating band spent almost a decade touring the U.S., opening for elite musicians from diverse styles, from the chamber-folk of The Oh Hellos to the meta-modern country of Sturgill Simpson to the jam-pop of Phillip Phillips – amassing a tight following and honing their unique blend of modern folk and pop. 

In 2020, eager to explore different sounds and sensibilities, Anthony took a step back and re-evaluated his relationship with music, ultimately pursuing a more fluid and personal version of creativity. Part of Anthony’s re-emergence involved removing himself from the rigors and valleys of professional musicianship, working full-time, and writing songs as he’d first done – in the margins. The result was his sophomore LP, Give Me Time – a patient, breathtaking work that intimately explores Anthony’s flaws, rough edges, triumphs, and maturation. 

Now Anthony returns with an even newer sound on “Seven Wonders,” and announces his signing to Nettwerk Music Group.