Electronic pop duo Mel Blue release French House single “Sunshine”; “Sanctuary Point Deluxe” out this November

October 20, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Today, Sydney-born, London-based electronic pop duo Mel Blue share their new single “Sunshine“. The first new track since their debut album Sanctuary Point was released in March, “Sunshine” sees the band dipping into 2000s French house music and sits in the same world as album favourites “Everything About You” and “Cleopatra”.

The single comes alongside the news that Mel Blue will release a deluxe version of the album on November 17, featuring two new singles including “Sunshine”. 

Mel Blue says, “Sunshine is a track that we’ve been keeping close to our chest for a long time. It is another dip into 2000s French House for us, and we’re very happy that it’s found its home on the deluxe version of our album. Oscar had sketched a falsetto vocal part with syllables blurry enough we could form them into the lyrics “falling into, into your sunshine”. This falsetto sketch actually stayed in the final production, and we wrote another 90% of the song in that same afternoon. Being in love is enveloping, and as we finished the track over the years, this was always the feeling we were coming from.”


At the core of Mel Blue are producers Oscar Sharah (vocals) and Luke Gerber (bass), who created the band as an alter-ego. Shortened from “melancholic blue,” Mel Blue grew out of a side project that captured Sharah and Gerber’s fascination with clashing emotions. Reminiscent yet present, lost yet grateful, melancholic yet content, Mel Blue is the point where all these feelings collide. Sharah and Gerber themselves are two sides of the same coin, one bringing pop sensibility and the other an indie-dance edge, together forming a uniquely personal sound.  

Despite being relative newcomers to the indie-electronic scene, Oscar and Luke have been writing and producing together for the better part of ten years. After a period of experimentation and growth the duo found their voice in 2018. Luke describes this time as a moment of “clarity” for the two, an experience that ultimately sowed the seeds for their debut album.  

“We went to the holiday home of an ex-boss of Oscar’s for about a week. This place is on New South Wales’ South Coast, in a suburb called Sanctuary Point. Having so much time to focus on music and be bold in our creative choices was totally liberating and life changing.” 

It’s no surprise the duo’s debut album took its name from that defining moment in Mel Blue’s formation. “That trip really put us on our path musically,” Luke affirms. “And given that Mel Blue is such a sanctuary for the two of us, we felt there couldn’t be a more fitting title to our first body of work.”



1. Everything About You 
2. You’re The Worst Thing To Happen To Me Since 1993 
3. Wake Up Call 
4. Best Me 
5. Cleopatra 
6. Dreams 
7. Driveway 
8. Sanctuary Point 
9. Laura (Interlude) 
10. Yesterday 
11. Endlessly 

12. Sunshine
13. Finding You 
14. Swolsen’s 
15. Tu Me Manques 

16. See You Around
17. YUL