DYLYN Returns with “Skin and Bone,” A Captivating Alt-Rock Anthem

July 11, 2022 BY Jason Currell

With influences that range from Blondie to Black Sabbath, DYLYN (aka Gwendolyn Lewis) has created a unique style that pulls together raw, rock n’ roll energy with infectious pop hooks. “Skin and Bone” the new single out today from DYLYN explores the rare soul connection that makes one’s world explode. Adding on to that idea, “Skin and Bone,” shares the experience that explores going deeper with a person, to evolve, to connect, to grow, and to truly love.

In this collision of eras and styles, we’re seeing DYLYN come to life illustrating deft manipulation of extremes throughout each of her songs. “Skin and Bone” is the latest single fresh off the release of her EP, Bring on the Blues.  

On the track, DYLYN shares, “Skin & Bone is about a rare soul connection that makes your world explode. While I was writing this song with Parker Bossley, we had a conversation about first loves and how potent they are. Your world feels so colorful and fragile. Everything is so intense. You chase that feeling of first love in songwriting in a way. It is so new and exciting. To love someone to the skin and bone. I thought that was a beautiful visual – you never forget your first.



Music oscillates as time does. Moods and motifs repeat at different junctures in time as they mold the future. A confluence of eras, styles, and emotions collide in DYLYN. The Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and disruptor fuses moments of elation, agony, ecstasy, and triumph into an anachronistic symphony of indie-pop melodies, industrial-inflected heavy rock, and anthemic alternative. (If she stepped out of the screen of some long-lost David Lynch film about Lollapalooza 1993, no one would question it!). In 2018, she uncovered her independent debut EP, Sauvignon, and a Kimono. Impacting multiple strata of culture, the lead single “Secret” tallied millions of Spotify streams and inspired thousands of fan videos throughout the anime community, including Gacha Life, where she received her avatar. She remained prolific with a pair of EPs—Let You and Only Us—before the EP Make It Naked in 2021. Along the way, she architected her latest release, Bring On The Blues. In between holding down a job in construction, she lived in a creative hive alongside various other artists and continued to write. Eventually, she hit the studio with producers Ryan Guldemond (of Mother Mother) and Parker Bossley (bassist for The Mounties, Hot Hot Heat). Out of those depths, DYLYN created an EP that “touches on subjects that people are a little uncomfortable with like social anxiety, sexual anxiety, and depression.” She reveals, “When you listen to me, I want you to get a sense of nostalgia, but you connect to the songs and apply them to your life,” she leaves off. “Skin and Bone” is the first preview of what’s to come from DYLYN in the next chapter.