Dreamers Delight Returns with the Ethereal “Emperor,” New EP ‘Departure’ out May 13th  

April 1, 2022 BY Jason Currell

All humans and numerous animals will dream during sleep. However, many of these dreams stay locked in the ether, evaporating at the first sign of waking up. Most dreams flutter past memory like butterflies through a wide net, yet Dreamers Delight seems to catch every stray dream and turn it into music. Today, Reed Krafft the artist behind Dreamers Delight shares “Emperor,” the second track from his upcoming EP ‘Departure’ out May 13th via Nettwerk Records.

“Emperor” is meant to be the extension and follow up to the first track on ‘Departure,’ “Evolution.” “Emperor” is the continuation into the powerful and deep side of Krafft’s production. It’s a showcase of the heavier and uplifting atmosphere Dreamers Delight has created so marvelously into the sound.

Krafft shares, “The song was started in mid-2021 and derived from the personal exploration of what I was working on during that time, which was coming out of some intense personal healing and letting go of some relationships that no longer served me. This track resembles the inner power to keep moving forward and work through the difficulties of what happens on your personal expansion of self.”



The artist and producer born Reed Krafft, evokes ethereal bliss in his hybrid of neon synth-craft, warm bass, natural guitar, and elegant piano. After racking up millions of streams and earning acclaim from EarmilkEDM.comEDM SauceMagnetic Magazine, and more, he consciously evolves on his 2022 Departure EP.

On any artist’s journey, there’s always an evolution in style or medium,” he observes. “I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and envision new modalities for myself. The theme of this EP is about having the time to create something special out of stagnation.”

Krafft broke through on his fittingly titled Awake EP. The single “Olives” has gathered millions of Spotify streams and counting. In 2018, he unveiled his full-length debut, Ethereal Moments, followed by EPs such as Wandering Souls (2019) and Atlas (2021), which This Song Is Sick hailed as “a beautiful and cohesive piece of work.” Meanwhile,  the  likes  of  “Pluto,”  “Star  Dwellers  (feat.  Vaughn Trace),” and more eclipsed millions of Spotify streams each. Along the way, he toured with everyone from Big Gigantic to Break Science and appeared at festivals such as CoachellaElectric ForestLightning In A BottleCamp Bisco, and beyond. Throughout 2021, he assembled what would become Departure at his home studio. Weathering a breakup and various changes in his personal life, he poured the emotions of this transformational season into the music.

I went through a lot of sadness and pain,” he admits. “However, it was also a rebirth. I created a healthier relationship with myself as well as with others. I was able to let go and depart from things that no longer served me. ‘Departure’ is saying goodbye to what I don’t need anymore. There’s the personal relationship, but there are also habits. I quit smoking. I quit partying. I started taking better care of myself.” “Music is a direct reflection of my experiences,” he leaves off.

Download “Emperor” Single Art HERE

Departure is available to pre-save at all digital retailers HERE

Track List:
​1. ​Evolution
​2. ​Emperor
​3. ​Outside of Me (Feat. Ren Mader)
​4. ​Silver Flow
​5. ​See You