DIDIRRI Releases Anticipated EP ‘Sold For Sale’

September 30, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Alternative singer and songwriter Didirri releases his anticipated sophomore EP, Sold For Sale, captivating audiences around the globe with his magnetic charisma and honest approach to songwriting.


Didirri’s guide to listening to Sold For Sale: “Take a brisk walk in the sunshine for the first 4 tracks, then listen to the next two in your room as your heart rate goes down, and then finally, close your eyes, and lie down for the closing track and let it wash over you.”


“Didirri has been serving up some of the most majestic compositions ever found on the Australian music scene. Armed with an absolutely spell-binding voice and a skill for writing songs that would make even the finest poets green with envy, there’s no denying that when Didirri performs a song, it’s something truly special.” – Rolling Stone Australia

“Didirri writes impressively mature compositions: tight, powerful songs that sound like they could have slotted on to FM playlists any time over the past half-century.” –  The Guardian

“Receiving acclaim from fellow musicians Hozier, Vance Joy, Tash Sultana and Freya Ridings, Didirri is proving to be one of the most hypnotic entertainers of his generation. Blending poetically insightful lyrics with contemplative melodies, Didirri bares a part of his soul…” – 1883

“Didirri has a boldness, a vivacity to his music that cannot be denied.” – Clash

“an emphatic exploration of the self without the rose-colored glasses.” – Atwood

“Didirri takes us on a spiritual journey, delivering a trio of gorgeous tracks from his living room in lockdown for Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’ series.”  – Rolling Stone Australia (Watch Here)


Didirri Peters grew up in the coastal Australian countryside. Taking his writing cues from family, philosophers, comedians, friends and lovers, he reveals himself using words and music with unparalleled openness. His critically acclaimed debut EP Measurements (2018) collected over 31 million combined streams and led to Didirri playing such renowned festivals as the UK’s The Great Escape and Latitude Festivals,Australia’s Splendour In The Grass and Barcelona’s Primavera Sound. He toured the US and UK twice in under six months.  He shared the stage with such acts as Vance Joy, Hozier and Middle Kids. And most recently, he was put on the world stage for Eurovision: Australia Decides.

Partially recorded in a house in the isolated and concentrated rural idyll of Johanna (Australia’s south-west coast), partially recorded at the iconic Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles, and partially recorded via sound files and video calls with musicians scattered all over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, the EP’s recording spans the globe. It’s because of this that Sold for Sale is as much a physical and metaphorical journey for the artist as it is a sonic journey for the listener.

For the first three songs on Sold For Sale (“Sold For Sale,” “The Critic,” and “Loose Belt Drive”), Didirri teamed up with legendary producer Joe Chiccarelli (Rufus Wainwright, Young The Giant, Vance Joy, and countless others), while the back end of Sold For Sale was produced by Dann Hume (Courtney Barnett, Troye Sivan).

If his debut Measurements EP (2018) was a walk through the dark tunnel of life, the time since then shows that Didirri has grown as a person, an artist and as a songwriter. Two more years of life and experience, with two more years of stories to tell, Sold for Sale holds our hands and gently leads us towards the light.