Davis John Patton Shares “I’m Not an Island When I’m Alone” From Upcoming EP ‘Poetry’

August 14, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Today, singer/songwriter Davis John Patton shares a new song, “I’m Not an Island When I’m Alone,” from his upcoming EP Poetry. Out October 2nd via Nettwerk, Poetry sees the troubadour using acoustic instrumentation and atmospheric production to translate life’s idiosyncrasies into five introspective and engaging folk anthems.

On “I’m Not an Island When I’m Alone,” piano resounds between soft strumming as his voice stretches from narrative verses into a soft bridge highlighted by nostalgic vignettes. Davis explains, “It’s the idea of being comforted by the words of a loved one even when you’re not physically in the same place. There was a summer where my now-wife and then-girlfriend were on opposite sides of the world. It was a great reason to write a love song. I wrote a chorus about ultimately cherishing the times we are in each other’s presence as a way to remember one another when we’re apart.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Davis found himself drawn to music at a young age. Mom enrolled him in piano lessons during first grade. Three years later, he picked up guitar. In between choir at church and school, he discovered Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago and embraced acoustic folk. While in college, he independently wrote and recorded the 2018 Forest Park EP, followed by 2019’s From the Garden EP (Nettwerk), which received praise from the likes of American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine and more. Even in the midst of a prolific few years, he still found the time to recognize peace around him.

Poetry Track Listing:

  1. I’ve Never Found One Like You
  2. Honesty
  3. What Have You Done to Me
  4. Ecclesiastes
  5. I’m Not an Island When I’m Alone


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