darkDARK Shares Debut Album ‘Feel So Much’ (Out Now); Watch “Headless (feat. Madge)”       

February 27, 2021 BY Nettwerk

darkDARK – the producer-performer duo of Chris James and Genevieve Vincent – shares their full-length debut album Feel So Much (out today via Nettwerk Records). There is an uncanny futurism beating inside DarkDARK, the synth-pop act that pairs cinematic synths with modern pop. The 14 tracks feature ethereal, glitched-out singles like “No Symmetry,” “Watercolors,” and “Tell Them You’re Here,” as well as guest features from French rapper Leonis on “Sequels” and DIY producer and pop artist Madge on their latest single “Headless.”

darkDARK shines a light on all facets of the human experience percolating in our lonely minds. The sweltering groove of “Headless” (feat. Madge)” contemplates embracing your dark side. In the past, the duo has embraced the talents of an array of animators for their official music videos. But, with the latest clip, Genevieve makes an appearance alongside collaborator and co-lyricist Madge.

Speaking to VENTS Magazine about the song, the duo says, “we wrote ‘Headless’ about co-existing with all sides of yourself. We are all these multifaceted creatures who, for some reason, oversimplify by seeking to make ‘sense’ of everything. This song is kind of a call not to make sense of it, just be whatever that multifaceted thing is. Madge was the perfect collaborator for us, as they do not adhere to conventions and push boundaries in their art, which brought an extra level of depth into the song.” Madge further adds, “more than ever, being young and creative doesn’t necessarily have a career path. It’s hard to imagine what comes next for all of us. Plus, we all live online. This song explores some of the stress but also freedom that comes along with this existence.

Listen (& Share) “Headless (feat. Madge)”:


They don’t have defined roles as a duo – they pass it back and forth, sometimes more than a dozen times, adding and subtracting elements until it hits an aural sweet spot. Mixer Andrew Maury (Shawn Mendes, Lizzo, Post Malone) comes in at the end to put some final touches on a track. “I would call our music a pastiche of elements,” Chris explains. “All of our original stuff pulls from all these different directions, and we just let it flourish. If I start something and send it to Chris,” says Genevieve, “he always takes it somewhere I never would’ve thought of.

Feel So Much is available at digital retailers: https://darkdark.ffm.to/feelsomuch.

Track List:

  1. Enemies
  2. Headless (feat. Madge)
  3. Watercolors
  4. No Symmetry
  5. Tell Them You’re Here
  6. Sequels (feat. Leonis)
  7. Kill the Light
  8. Save It
  9. In Two
  10. Distance
  11. Back to the Start
  12. Tell The You’re Here (Heyz Remix)
  13. Watercolors (Duralumin Remix)
  14. No Symmetry (Giraffage Remix)