Cub Sport To Release Debut Album March 4th; New Video Out Now

November 24, 2015 BY Nettwerk

Brisbane’s Cub Sport announced today that they will release their debut full-length album, This Is Our Vice, on March 4th.  The album follows the October 30th release of their latest EP, Only Friend, which recently premiered on Culture Collide.
The band premiered the official video for “Only Friend,” which is off the upcoming record as well as the EP title track, on Kick Kick Snare yesterday.
Singer/primary songwriter Tim Nelson says, “I was feeling pretty anxious when I was writing ‘Only Friend.’ There were a few factors with getting everything together for the album which were leading to delays and causing a lot of feelings of insecurity. The lack of control over the situation made me feel really anxious and I felt nauseous for weeks at a time. The ‘Only Friend’ video highlights the isolating feeling that anxiety can cause and the way it can pull you out of reality.” He adds, “It was filmed by and with some of my best friends in Sam’s and my house, which is cool ’cause it’s also where I wrote and recorded a lot of the album including ‘Only Friend.’ I feel really good about this clip and the way it captures the essence of the song. It’s important to talk about issues of anxiety and depression. We wanted the clip to be a visual representation of where I was at when I wrote the song, what I experienced was temporary but people struggle with these feelings on a daily basis so why not be up front about it.


Nelson also describes the creative process for the record, “I used to avoid writing about things that meant too much to me, in case it didn’t go well. I think the break though in my songwriting—being more honest with myself—was ‘Come On Mess Me Up.’” The ethereal track was born after Nelson read a book of Leonard Cohen lyrics, moved by how sincere they were. The album showcases his newfound ability to effortlessly transform mercurial topics such as self-doubt and self-immolation into an expanse of shimmering harmonies and sticky melodies.
Cub Sport — Tim Nelson (lead vocals), Zoe Davis (guitar), Dan Puusaari (drums), Sam Netterfield (keyboard) – first caught attention Stateside with their Told You So EP (2012). The blissed-out, anthemic title track vaulted into the top 20 of the CMJ college-radio chart, and the band spent the following year impressing at various seminal festivals around the world, including Brighton’s The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound CityMusic Matters Singapore and multiple packed rooms during NYC’s CMJ Music Marathon.
This Is Our Vice Track Listing:
1.     Sun
2.     I Can’t Save You
3.     It Kills Me
4.     Come On Mess Me Up
5.     I’m On Fire
6.     Only Friend
7.     Runner
8.     I Don’t Love My Baby
9.     I Feel Bad Now
10.   Vice
11.   Stay