“Comfortable House” Artist Bad Snacks Announces ‘Home Music’ EP, Shares Single “like u do” with Chromonicci

March 1, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Today, LA-based artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and educator Bad Snacks announces her new EP Home Music, due April 19 via NettwerkAfter releasing three beat tapes—2018’s Neat Tape 1 as well as 2020’s Neat Tape 2 and Baththub BumpsHome Music embraces a new sound she calls “comfortable house,” full of deep grooves, lush textures and a healthy dose of synthesized electric violin. 

For listeners, Home Music offers a cozy alternative to the packed nightclubs and relentless bathroom lines that have become hallmarks of traditional house music. “It started as a joke with my Discord group,” she shares of the title, “but I just love the concept of comfortable house music. I’ve never been much of a rager — I’m kind of straight edge in that way, and so although I love dance music, I sometimes struggle to connect with aspects of the culture surrounding it.”

Also today, Bad Snacks teams up with Philadelphia-based artist/producer chromonicci to share “like u do,” a new tune where both artists explore the devastating feelings that form in the wake of a relationship’s end. “like u do” is the third single from Home Music, following the release of January’s “iiwannabe” (HERE) and November’s “alright, ok” (HERE). The track gains its heartfelt textures from opulent harp layers, mesmerizing granular treatments and infectious loops.

“I started writing this candid letter to my ex, and it felt very honest to me,” she shares. “I didn’t know how to wrap it up, but I was talking to my friend chromonicci and he was going through something similar, and so, ‘like u do’ turned out to be a perfect outlet for both of us.” 

“I feel like in the last year or so, I started being a lot more open with sharing my heavier emotional experiences in my songwriting,” adds chromonicci. “It’s been a sort of catharsis, but has also required some growth in lyrical vulnerability too. After hearing the demo… I was super excited to open up a bit to listeners. That said, the production and deeply collaborative nature was a BLAST despite the heavier tone of what we were writing about.”

Trading in snobbish dress codes and triple-digit bar tabs for a chill collection of effortless tunes, the Home Music EP proves that beautiful, filthy beats are always the main event, no VIP wristband required.
“like u do” is available at all digital retailers here: https://badsnacks.ffm.to/likeudo