Chill-Pop Artist Mokita shares “I Can’t Help Myself” + Announces “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” EP via Nettwerk

January 13, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Nashville-based singer-songwriter-producer Mokita (aka John-Luke Carter) makes his 2023 debut with the announcement of his forthcoming EP Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? out March 31st via Nettwerk. The announcement arrives alongside his new single “I Can’t Help Myself.”

“I Can’t Help Myself” is a love letter to those who support you. It’s a reminder that you don’t have to do it all alone and that asking for a little help can go a long way. On the sonic sphere, Mokita goes about it in his chameleon ways, not pigeonholing himself to one artistic lane. With his sonic palette stretching across a multitude of genres, Mokita takes his inspiration and appreciation for late 90s/early 2000s pop-rock by stacking an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar that play the same parts. While incorporating yesteryear’s influences with his own polished electronics, Mokita captures a sweeping soundscape that brings upon nostalgic tendencies with a flourishing, modern resonance.

 Mokita shares this about “I Can’t Help Myself,” “This song started like most of mine do, with a conversation about mental health, growing, and the importance of community and friendship in your life. I’ve had many seasons in my life where I felt like I was stuck, either in some sort of depression or a lack of clarity about my future etc. This song is just about reaching out and asking for help. I have a tendency to isolate myself when I feel sad or depressed and I’ve realized that this is the unhealthiest path to take when you’re going through something. It’s hard to ask for help, but I’ve realized that I can’t help myself in many of those situations. Your friends are there to walk WITH you through those moments, so that you don’t have to carry those burdens alone.”

“I Can’t Help Myself” follows Mokita’s previous single “High” released last month. “High” addresses compulsion and could be a journal entry into Mokita’s own expedition of obsession. Mokita’s revitalizing beats and dynamic production offers a fresh take on dealing with this heavy and complicated subject.

Regarding his forthcoming EP Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?, Mokita reveals:

“The songs on this EP were written during a time where I was listening to less pop music and more folk, old country, and a bunch of different bands. One of the things I love about producing my own music is that I get to experiment with different genres and different sounds. When I first started creating music under Mokita, I felt this weird obligation to make all the music sound the same so it could have a cohesive sound; but I got really burnt out doing that and felt like I was limiting my creativity. 

One of the main themes of the EP was getting comfortable in your own skin. So much of the way I’ve made music in the past is about trying to be impressive to my listeners and trying to prove something. I realized that this was stealing a lot of joy from making music. I wanted this EP to be more about making music that I liked, and that I thought people could relate to. My music is always very journalistic and so what I write can change year to year depending on where I am in my life. This year has been a lot of self-discovery, a lot of reflection on the past, and also a lot of reflecting on what the future looks like. This EP deals with doubts regarding faith, and questions about addiction, loneliness, and the desire to be known. All these songs are just a page in my journal.”

With over 4M monthly Spotify listeners across 400M+ cumulative streams, Mokita plans to build off his momentum with his Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? EP out March 31st.

“I Can’t Help Myself” is available at all digital retailers:

Mokita – “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” EP Tracklist:


I Can’t Help Myself

Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?




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About Mokita:

Much like a living being with a heartbeat of its own, music naturally morphs for Mokita. The Nashville-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer aka John-Luke Carter channels the energy of these fluctuations into his artistry. Floating freely between pop, folk, alternative, and indie, he fearlessly embraces his creative inclinations, presenting a personal and poignant sound in the process.

Hailing from Asheville, NC, John-Luke absorbed a passion for music through his parents. Mom sang, and dad played guitar in addition to serving as a pastor. At six-years-old, John-Luke started taking piano lessons. During middle school, he picked up a guitar for “the classic reason—to impress a girl, he laughs. Visiting the library, he spent countless hours listening to CDs, consuming everything from Led Zeppelin and Def Leppard to John Mayer as well as Top 40. Playing music throughout college, he landed in Nashville to focus on his songwriting. He constantly grinded behind-the-scenes.

In addition to co-writing “Summer Feeling” for Matoma & Jonah Kagen“idk where i’m at rn” for Gavin Haley“Throwing Punches” for Chaz Cardigan, and more, he shined on a series of collaborations, including “Take It Back” with Ella Vos“Speeding Up” with slenderbodies“All Into Nothing” with R3HAB, and “I’m Sorry” with Stand Atlantic, to name a few. Additionally, he lent his talents to remixes for G-Eazy, Daya, Rob Thomas, and more with GOLDHOUSE. During 2019, he unveiled the 4201 EP powered by “More Than Friends,” “Inside Out,” and “ICLYA.” On its heels, “Colorblind,” an emotive, atmospheric track that opened, a vulnerable look at depression, exploded to the tune of 71M+ Spotify streams.

In October 2022, Mokita released his Color Me In EP, which featured the 2022 singles“Color Me In,” “Happiness,” “Crash ft. Charlotte Sands,” and “Room For Another.” The Color Me In EP is a tender body of work highlighting Mokita’s powerful vocals that glide over a gentle, soulful pop resonance. Beyond the alluring sonic surfaces, there’s a deeper narrative at play, one that raises questions on the road ahead, but does not dismiss one’s own starting line. The 5-track collection is boldly reflective yet also uplifting and elevated by a pristine production that features diaristic songwriting examining the essential choices and chances we take in life. The EP has over 7.3M cumulative streams on Spotify.

After racking up hundreds of millions of streams, earning support on Spotify playlists New Music Friday, Fresh & Chill, Chill Hits, and more, and gardening acclaim from the likes of WonderlandBillboardJust Jared, Atwood Magazine, SHEESH, and supporting artists such as slenderbodies and Augustana on tour, Mokita looks to continue to break boundaries in 2023 and beyond.