Canadian Born, Australian Based Singer-Songwriter Laura Lucas Releases New EP “The Dreamer”

December 8, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Canadian born, Australian based singer-songwriter Laura Lucas’ introspective, dreamy songwriting and delicately powerful vocals are on full display across her new EP The Dreamer, out today. You can listen to the record HERE

Recorded in Melbourne alongside platinum award-winning artist and producer Dustin Tebbutt, the EP interweaves themes of longing, vulnerability, clarity, and hope, with lush soundscapes of both organic and electronic sounds carrying Laura’s signature intimate storytelling.  

Of the EP, Laura says, “In a way, all of these songs are about wanting – wanting and not having, wanting and being afraid of the thing you want, wanting and having to let go, or realising you don’t want the thing you thought you wanted. It’s not always easy to know what you want, and I think these songs reflect someone who is in the process of figuring that out.” 

The Dreamer follows Laura’s 2022 debut EP Light the Candle, Hold the Mirror, which was recorded entirely remotely between Canada and Australia with producer Garrett Kato. It features previous singles “Wake Up, Breathe In”, “Fonder”, “Valentine’s”, and her collaboration with Lawson Hull, “I Imagine You Are Happy”. 


Laura Lucas’ ability to captivate listeners and distill complex emotions through song has earned her comparison to some of music’s biggest names including Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Bridgers, and Taylor Swift, and her introspective, vulnerable songwriting and warm, dreamy melodies feel like coming home to a best friend at the end of a long day.  

Storytelling sits at the heart of her creative process, and it is this drive – both to document and honour her own feelings, and to share those experiences and moments of connection – that underpins both this EP and Laura’s ever-growing catalogue of indie-folk music. 

One thing I have been working on is to be less hard on myself and to not punish myself for my sensitivity. I am learning to see sensitivity as a superpower, as it’s the very thing that allows me to be a songwriter in the first place.” Laura says. 



Wake Up, Breathe In 


I Imagine You Are Happy 

Mirror On The Wall 


The Dreamer 


Music has always been a part of Canadian-born singer-songwriter Laura Lucas’ life – first as the soundtrack provided by her parents and later for her own creative expression. After picking up the guitar at age 10, Laura found music and songwriting to be her safe space, a place she could escape to when she needed to find somewhere to put her feelings, even if no one else would ever hear the songs she was making. 

It wasn’t until 2019, and an exchange trip to her now-home of Melbourne, that Laura began to come out of her creative shell and share her songwriting and her love of music with the world. Quickly embedding herself in the local music community, Laura’s creativity has continued to flourish – and across two EPs, 2022’s Light The Candle, Hold The Mirror and her new release The Dreamer, collaborations with artists including Lawson Hull and Rod Coote, and shows supporting Harrison Storm, LANKS, and more, she has established herself as a tour de force in capturing candid, vulnerable moments through storytelling and an artist to watch.