California Melodic Rapper Presence Shares Debut EP ‘Pendulum Hearts’

June 2, 2023 BY Jason Currell

After releasing nearly two dozen singles with streams in the tens of millions, Southern California recording artist Presence shares his long-anticipated debut EP today entitled Pendulum Hearts. Presence (born Jonathon Martinez) delivers a body of work that intimately dives into the highs and lows of romantic relationships.

Pendulum Hearts is a journey,” shares Presence, “from an innocent true love to a toxic attachment. There’s a love at play that is extremely unhealthy, but the cycle continues as we break up and make up, swinging back and forth from each other like a pendulum.”

“The first two tracks,” he continues, “are genuine love songs that focus on all that can be great about a romantic relationship. Track three is a breaking point however, and is extremely argumentative, focusing on everything wrong with this relationship. Track four details the toxic back and forth between breaking up and making up repetitively, with one of the opening lines stating, ‘It seems this life will never break this pull so we make up.’ The fifth and final track is essentially a continuation from the previous track and repeats “darling I’ll be back” as the final words said on the project.”

Also today, Presence shares a double music video that bundles the EP’s final two tracks: “Since We’ve Been Okay” and “Darling I’ll Be Back.” Directed by Michael Joseph, the double video ties together with an ongoing storyline of Presence and his ex (played by Shelby Ally) in nature. “Since We’ve Been Okay” sees Presence sharing intimate moments in nature with his ex, then floating aimlessly on a canoe. As the relationship sours, the video starts to depict Shelby with a burlap sack over her head.

Still from “Since We’ve Been Okay” Music Video | Download HERE

With millions of followers across social media and a tear-jerking, honest live performance, Presence’s star is beginning to rise in his home base of Southern California. After a brief tour from San Diego to Hollywood with Nettwerk artists Rosie Darling and Caleb Hearn, Presence performed at the prestigious School Night LA showcase back in April.
Pendulum Hearts is available at digital retailers here:

Pendulum Hearts Tracklist

01. Young Forever 

02. You & Me 

03. Never Enough 

04. Since We’ve Been Okay 

05. Darling I’ll Be Back

Pendulum Hearts Album Art | Download HERE