BRANDON JENNER Announces New EP ‘Oversized Soul’ + Shares Tender New Single “Lonely Road”

May 20, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Los Angeles troubadour and producer Brandon Jenner is proud to announce his forthcoming EP Oversized Soul, due out September 2nd via Nettwerk. In the time since his acclaimed 2021 EP Short of Home, Brandon has whittled his life down to the essential elements of his life, “family, music, and self-care.” With this new effort, he puts his focused awareness into his songs with his whole heart and soul.

In addition to the EP announcement, Brandon shares a new single, “Lonely Road.” The hushed, warm melody was conceived while on tour with Donovan Frankenreiter in the summer of 2021. It details the quieter moments when the crowds have gone, leaving you with yourself and your thoughts. Brandon longs for his wife. He croons, I blend into this crowd, I shake their hands they see me smile, but it’s you I’ve been dreaming of.

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Brandon Jenner constantly tunes into the inspiration around him. Whether it be philosophical questions posed by his children, moments of missing his wife, or nightmares dreams she destroyed his beloved truck, his music absorbs life’s everyday wonders and nuances. As such, the Los Angeles-born singer, songwriter, and producer paints a rich picture of the important things—what it means to be a good dad, good husband, good brother, and good son.

This picture comes into full focus on his 2022 Oversized SoulEP.

“Little moments inspire me to write,” he affirms. “I’ve gotten better at whittling my life down to the most important things, which are my family, music, and self-care. I don’t really do anything that doesn’t contribute to strengthening one of those three. Playing music in so many genres satisfies me the most. It’s an outlet for all of my emotions.”

He’s only opened up more and more over the years with each subsequent project. The world first heard his voice in the duo Brandon & Leah. However, he introduced himself as a solo artist with 2016’s Burning Ground EP led by the title single “Burning Ground.” Amassing tens of millions of streams, he released a string of fan favorite projects such as the Face The World EP [2018], Plan On Feelings EP[2019], So Childish EP [2020], and Short of Home EP [2021]. In addition to praise for Short of Home from Artist WavesCalifornia Rocker, and more, American Songwriter proclaimed, “Together, these songs reveal the through-line of authenticity in Jenner’s storytelling that makes Short of Home the truest testament to his artistry yet.” Throughout 2021, he pieced together Oversized Soul, writing, recording, and mixing at his own studio.

He initially paved the way for the EP with “One Of A Kind” (where he details the dream of his wife wrecking the truck!) before unveiling “Til The Day We Die.” Initially conceived on his loop pedal, the track details a personal revelation. Meanwhile, “Lonely Road” originated when Brandon hit the road with Donovan Frankenreiter. Airy guitar moves in a fascinating 6/8-time signature as he lyrically longs to be home with his wife.

On “Vibrations”, an organic percussive beat builds in the background just as a head-nodding acoustic guitar groove gives way to a keyboard-laden hook. Over this soundscape, he delivers an intoxicating hook, “I get high on your good vibrations.

His storytelling takes center stage on “I’m Over Who You Think You Are” laced with candid barbs such as “Ever since Elon retweeted your shit, you really think that you’re the shit, but you’re not.

“The narrator gets dumped and is moving on,” he goes on. “This character is leaving a bad situation. Their ex thinks they’re on a roller coaster up forever.”

In the end, Brandon welcomes everyone to experience his life with him now. “If my music helps people feel in any slight way, there’s a purpose for me working hard enough to record it and put it out there,” he leaves off. “I hope it resonates on some level. That’s really the pinnacle for me. My favorite part about making music is when I get to play shows, meet people afterwards, and connect with them. They make me feel good, and I make them feel good, because I’m really appreciative of the love and support. We both leave feeling more inspired and more seen.”


“…these songs reveal the through-line of authenticity in Jenner’s storytelling…”

American Songwriter

“…earthy… mellow…”

– Billboard

“…heartfelt… emotional…”

– Grammy Museum

“Brandon Jenner brilliantly explicates the minute ways in which we should all try to live better, and does so with careful panache.”

Atwood Magazine

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