Bobs & LoLo Launch ‘Action Packed’ Five Part Educational Mini-Series

July 7, 2016 BY Nettwerk

Four time JUNO nominees and bestselling children’s music recording duo Bobs & LoLo, are pleased to launch their television/digital mini-series Action Packed. Partnering with Turtlebox Productions and made possible by a content programming grant from TELUS Optik Local, the five-part program follows Bobs & LoLo into their world of music, movement and make believe. Looking to provide further depth and fun to the messaging already woven into their music, the duo took existing music videos that feature singles from latest album Dirty Feet, and built little stories around these songs. The result is a household experience educating viewers on a variety of fun family topics.
“Our hope is that existing fans will love the bonus material created specifically for music they already enjoy and that new audiences will connect with this entertaining introduction to our fun world. Personally, we couldn’t be happier with the end product,” says Lorraine Pond (LoLo)

The first episode is based on the song “Busy Bee,” and was created to inspire kids to care about bees and teach them about the important jobs these critters have in nature. All five episodes of the mini-series are available for free now, On Demand on TELUS Optik TV.