May 10, 2024 BY Emma Orland

Today, bedroom pop artist awfultune (Layla Eden) unveils their latest EP, unreleased demos IIa seven-track collection exploring mental health, love, growth, and the human experience at large and follows 2019’s unreleased demos.

In the five years since she began, Layla has won adoration for her melodic, confessional songs, which go down ever-so-sweetly and save the unmistakable bite of entirely relatable truths. Her latest EP, unreleased demos II, nudges that ethos into an even more meaningful place.

“I’m just making music that feels super authentic to me,” says Layla. “I mean, I’ve always done that. But this time really does feel special.”

unreleased demos II includes previously released singles “exile,” the folk-flared “malware,” the EP’s love song “weird!,” and the vulnerable “get high w me.”

It also features three new tracks, kicking off with “pluto and the moon,” a ukulele-led campsite lament, which looks to fate to explain why another coupling bled out so toxically; “things,” about the simplicity of our surroundings and where she fits into it all with the reflective optimism that entwines everything Layla seems to touch. All culminating in the project’s lead single “be ur dog,” which Layla spotlights with its playful music video.


“the music video captures the essence of loneliness, where the main character ‘waits by the door’ like a faithful dog. i wanted the video to feel slow and also chaotic just like each passing second with the absence of your partner.”

Layla radiates authenticity, vulnerability, and unfiltered honesty across every dimension of her musical realm, from meticulous production and evocative songwriting to the captivating allure of her videos and online persona that has garnered her hundreds of millions of global streams. Officially evolving out of indie bedroom-pop obscurity and, as an openly transgender woman, they remain a champion for queer representation through their work. Stay tuned for more to come from this indie-pop artist on the rise.

unreleased demos II

01. pluto and the moon

02. exile

03. things

04. malware

05. weird!

06. get high w me

07. be ur dog