Award-winning Pop Sensation BANNERS Delivers Emotive New Single “Anywhere For You

November 3, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Award-winning Liverpool singer BANNERS (aka Michael Nelson) is back with his emotive new single “Anywhere For You.” Breaking away from his usually jubilant direction of late, the song sees him explore the more tender and heartfelt side to his sound. With its lofty piano-led production set perfectly to his rapturous voice throughout, he continues to make this year one of his most proficient and innovative to date. Listen HERE.

Speaking about the new offering, he said, “Life is a journey and it’s going to have its ups and downs. No relationship is simple and nothing worth doing is ever easy. Sometimes you have to let someone know that you’re going to be there through it all. I decided to do that in a song but feel free to just actually tell someone to their face if you’re not cripplingly shy like me. I’m hiding behind big strings and dramatic drums here but you do you. A phone message might be a nice compromise.”

Having already been on an incredibly prolific run throughout 2023, delivering his latest EP I Wish I Was Flawless, I’m Not at the start of the year, BANNERS has gone on to release highly-praised singles “Have You Ever Loved Someone,” “Name In Lights,” “Tell You I Love You” and ‘C’est La Vie.” Stay tuned for more details on upcoming releases.


Liverpool-based award-winning singer-songwriter Michael Nelson, aka BANNERS, was seven when he started his “musical apprenticeship.” He sang every day after school in one of the UK’s most well-known cathedrals but it was a chance trip with his producer father to a studio in Toronto that proved life-changing for the musician. Shortly after, a demo CD he made found its way to Grammy-nominated producer Stephen Kozmeniuk.

His first single shot straight to number one on the alternative radio charts in Canada, garnering 10 million Spotify streams overnight and an invite to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! BANNERS quickly became a household name in North America and Canada, with a viral TikTok moment for his song “Someone To You” earning over 1.5 billion streams. The song went Platinum and Gold in multiple countries and led to an appearance on American Idol. With his latest EP, I Wish I Was Flawless, I’m Not, Michael says he’s drawn on his own personal experience of the last few years. Many of the songs focus on the things that matter the most when times are tough – like close friends, family and love.