Austrian Indie Songwriter OSKA Releases Debut Album ‘My world, My love, Paris’ Out Now!

February 25, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, indie-pop singer/songwriter OSKA releases her debut album My world, My love, Paris out now via Nettwerk. Over the course of 12-songs, the Austrian weaves together tales of her family life and the experience of being a young person growing up in the world. With candor and charm, her authentic self comes through in honest lyricism and tender melodies. Daydream with her on the hopeful “Woodstock,” cry with her over lost love on “Too Nobody” or “Lousy T-Shirt” and ponder the future with “Responsibility.”

Listen My world, My love, Paris on all digital retailers (here).

OSKA pairs the new album with a new video for title track “My World, My Love, Paris.” Warm acoustics meet OSKA’s signature croon cozied up next to delicate, dreamy string orchestrations. The video gives a glimpse into the studio process behind the album.

“Recording strings for the song My world, My love, Paris, was one of the coolest experiences of the album making process,” reflects OSKA. “I decided on the day of the string recording that I wanted to invite the lovely players again for a live session. I’m so happy everyone was up for playing in this cozy setting. It was really special for all of us to perform the song together in one room.”


Growing up in a small village in Lower Austria, OSKA moved to Vienna at 18 to study her first love; music. She started busking in streets and squares of the capital while also studying pop and jazz singing. She signed to Nettwerk in 2020 and released her debut EP Honeymoon Phase to critical acclaim. The five songs on the album have amassed more than 4 million Spotify streams and won her the XA Music Export Award at Waves Vienna Festival 2020.

Now in 2022, OSKA is proud to unveil her debut full-length album My world, My love, Paris.

“For so many years making my first album was the biggest thing in the world to me. That’s probably also why it took me so long to make it. I always wanted it to be special and at times was scared that I wouldn’t like it five years from now or that I couldn’t identify with the music some time after the release.

I‘m realizing more and more that this album does not have to be perfect or everything I‘ve ever dreamed it would be. It’s like a photograph, something to look back on, something that brought me a lot of joy and songs that helped me through a lot of sad times. It’s honest and there’s so much love in it. So much time and work, even tears, hours of watching my producer Alex edit guitars and drums and vocals, hours of singing and waiting for the right moment to record and the right emotion to be caught, hours of writing and doubting my skills, hours of absolute peace and flow and loving that I get to do this. I’m okay with the fact that my music will change with me. I’m okay with letting go off these songs. I’m okay with the album being out there and listened to. I’m very okay with this album being my first album.”

It’s obvious that history, family, and legacy are touchstones of OSKA’s music. Legacy can mean different things to different people. For some, legacy is simply about blood ties. For others, it’s about making positive decisions that will impact future generations. For OSKA, legacy is about both of these things. It’s a theme that looms over her remarkable debut album, My world, My love, Paris. Ultimately it serves as a snapshot of a young woman attempting to make sense of getting older in an increasingly uncertain era.

Praise for OSKA:

“OSKA has a special talent for bittersweet yearning poeticism…” – Under the Radar

“A creative spirit influenced by the human experience and relationships and determined to inspire listeners through poetic verse and beautiful melodies alike.” – Atwood

“the track is a deeply personal exploration of her inner thoughts, there is the underlying sense that everyone can relate to OSKA’s melancholic disposition.” – COLLiDE

“The dream-folk approach is both lush and cinematic, swaying like a kite in the turbulent wind… The young woman is a talent to watch.” -The Revue

“the definition of soaring alt-pop” – When The Horn Blows

“moving and often heart-wrenching” – Clout

“Needless to say, Maria was destined to write and perform her own songs and the result is as profound as it is charming.” Nothing But Hope and Passion

Download Album Art Here

Track List:

  1. Too Nobody
  2. My world, My love, Paris
  3. Responsibility
  4. Mona Lisa, a girl’s best friend
  5. Misunderstood
  6. Starstruck
  7. Woodstock
  8. Lousy T-Shirt
  9. Crooked Teeth
  10. ABC
  11. Helplessly Hoping
  12. Hallucinating