Australian Singer/Songwriter Stu Larsen Shares “By The River”

October 5, 2016 BY Nettwerk

Australian singer/songwriter Stu Larsen shares “By The River,” his first new piece of music since his 2014 debut album Vagabond.

With “By The River,” Larsen shares with fans what he’s been up to for the last two years, explaining “the song was written after spending some time on my own, in a little cottage on the Whanganui River in New Zealand, in perfect solitude. I can’t remember a time where I felt so calm or thought more clearly. No television reception, no phone service, no internet connection, no distractions. I went to sleep when the sun disappeared and I woke up to the hum of nature each morning. It was truly magical and it felt like this was how life should be. 

“The song is about feeling trapped. Perhaps in a bad job, a rough relationship, a time of hopelessness or little direction, not seeing a clear path forward to the next chapter and just waiting to be rescued somehow, not realising that help is actually all around and maybe all you really need to do is reach out and take that first step. Sometimes we can get stuck in situations we don’t want to be in, wanting someone or something to pull us out, feeling alone and frustrated at the seeming lack of concern from others, waiting for those around us to come to our rescue, when maybe they already have and maybe the answer is actually right in front of us.. 

“A few months after my time in New Zealand, I found myself hiding away in Scotland, writing more songs for the new album. While I was there, I set aside time to create this demo of BY THE RIVER on my laptop, recording every part in one take as to not disturb the already angry neighbour who within minutes of my arrival had expressed her dislike of my music. It’s a little bit rough, with a false start at the beginning, a cough here and there on the vocal track and some slightly out-of-sync harmonies in there for good measure too.. 

“The accompanying video is full of random footage I’ve collected on my phone and camera over the last few years on the road, from my first solo journey back in 2010 through Japan, Europe and USA, to more recent adventures in New Zealand and Scotland and everywhere in between!”