Australian Atmospheric Folk Songwriter Alexander William Shares New Album ‘Thoughts from Another Time’

November 11, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Australian atmospheric folk songwriter Alexander William unveils his new full-length album Thoughts from Another Time via Nettwerk. The twelve-song collection encompasses William’s experiences in the first half of his twenties. In the vein of raw, and unvarnished songwriters like Leonard Cohen and Ben Howard, Alexander William weaves his experiences through a poetic, tender lens.

“This album is a collection of songs that I have made and produced over the last few years,” he explains. “It encompasses my journey from the years of 20 to 24 and stands to represent the different states that I existed in, the experiences I had, the love I shared, and the ways in which I grew. In a way, these songs are my biography as a young adult. I hope that you love them.”

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I grew up on the Gold Coast, Australia; A town brimming with life and a perfect blend of city and nature. Early on, I really got into fingerstyle guitar. I’m talking John Butler, big time. Eventually, Ben Howard’s tunes found my ears and my sound began to evolve. The lyrical side of my life came from the old Irish and Scottish realms, and figures like Leonard Cohen. I’ve always loved a good tale and love the songs that convey a story.

When I was 18 or 19, I moved to Africa, for a girl. We spent time there and it really affected my view on life. I distinctly remember the beauty of the place. It’s rich in a magic you won’t find anywhere else. I released my first EP that year; a collection of songs recorded in Garrett Kato’s basement called the Truth EP (2017). When I released, I was alone in London, living in strange quarters, but immensely proud of myself. It was my first step as a musician. 

My first album Goodbye My Darling, My Darling Goodbye (2019) was written in a couple of months after meeting Mr. Thomas Higley. When we first played together, I distinctly recall his soft and delicate playing style, and how it complimented my more dominant fingerpicking patterns. We began tracking with Jared Aldam, at Machine Lab Recording Studios with 16 songs fully tracked in 3 or so days. After the album release, I toured Japan, in which Tom and I went and played to small rooms of people throughout Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. It was and is still one of my fondest set of memories.

At some point around here, I connected with singer-songwriter Harrison Storm. I was asked if I’d like to join him on tour. I felt pieces all falling together, and life seemed like it was in flow. Then COVID hit. Over a year passed and we finally got the chance to do the shows. They were some of the nicest I’ve played. I took Harmony (my partner), we traveled to a couple of different cities, did a lot of coffee drinking and rock climbing, and I played a lot of music. 

Now I write music because I love to. Not because I feel like I need to. I write not to become a ‘success,’ but to express the parts of myself that I don’t even understand. The side of my self that’s a stranger to me. But I think we’re all strangers in our own ways. All of us, searching for some sort of connection to something. Some search through words, others through paint, or movement, or touch. I look for it through sound. Really, I’m just another part of it all, looking for a way to feel purpose, and meaning, in my little window frame of time.

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Track List:
1. Order of Genius
2. Cans
3. Birds
4. Anne
5. Wonder
6. Charcoal
7. Reaper
8. Sunflower
9. Cuffley
10. Why’d you follow me?
11. Ransom
12. Ransom (Alternative Version) [feat. The caves x SHU]