Australian Alt-Pop Artist CHYMES Announces New EP ‘Karma’; Shares Video       

February 11, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Australian alternative pop artist Chymes announces her new EP, Karma, will be released on May 13, 2022. At the heart of the EP is the complex, darker side of female friendship. Chymes explains, “This EP feels like it’s my Taylor Swift ‘Reputation’ era – I’m calling out the people who hurt me and the friends who did me wrong and I feel like I’ve never been more explicit in my storytelling, it’s super personal. It’s a therapeutic EP about shitty friendships and relationships I’ve had, and the journey of going from feeling crazy, heartbroken, and lost and then healing from it all and cutting those toxic people from my life.”

She shares a first look at the EP with the biting track, “Black Hole Friend,” along with the retro 90’s MTV style video. Chymes explains, “This song was so much fun to write. It’s about that one friend who is so beyond toxic they are just a huge black hole that sucks all your energy out and leaves you with nothing. I’ve had so many ‘black hole’ friendships that were awful, manipulative, needy, and probably narcissistic, so it was so therapeutic to finally say a big f*** you to all the bitches who hurt me. It hurts so much when you’ve poured all your love and energy into someone, never get anything in return, and in the end, they stab you in the back. This song really goes through that realization period and ends up in a euphoric, fun chant ‘here’s to my black hole friend, you’ll never see me again!’ I love it.”


With an ever-growing fan base across the globe following a tweet from BTS star Jungkook, Chymes has been streamed over 30 million times across Apple and Spotify. Her previous releases, “Euphoria” and “Sleepless,” have been featured in numerous Spotify editorial playlists, including “New Pop Revolution,” and earlier tracks “Dreaming” and “Wild” were featured on drama series Good Trouble. Her debut 2021 EP, Hell & Divine, was praised by tastemakers like Flaunt, Pilerats, Cool Accidents, Purple Sneakers, Parade, and more. She has supported Winston Surfshirt, The Preatures, Lastlings, Tigertown, Alice Ivy, Bad Pony, Evan Klar, San Mei, Austen, and more.