February 3, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Australian alternative pop artist Chymes announces upcoming EP Game Over. Chymes also drops vulnerable new single “My Own Worst Enemy,” today via Nettwerk. 

“The Game Over EP is probably my favourite bunch of songs I’ve ever written. I wrote a lot of them whilst on a writing trip to LA which was so inspiring and fun and exciting, I really felt like I was in my element. There is a bit of a story with the songs on this EP, going from chasing bad relationships, changing into someone you’re not, to realization and deep self reflection, to laughing at yourself for being a bit delusional and then finally cutting toxic people off,” says Chymes on  her EP.

She continues,  “I honestly didn’t expect to have such a lyrical journey in these songs, it just kind of happened naturally. These songs have some of my favourite melodies and production elements and I’ve never felt more confident with my music than I do with this EP. I hope the stories translate well and that people can love it and understand it and resonate with it.”

Known for her unique brand of pop, Chymes pulls you into her world with her delicate yet powerful vocals, intimate lyrics, and flirtatious persona on her new single “My Own Worst Enemy.”

“This track is probably my most intimate song yet. I feel like the lyrics explain the story in a very obvious way, but essentially it’s about being your own obstacle, your own problem, never letting yourself fully celebrate your achievements and getting in the way of your happiness. Being stuck in a loop of your own bad habits or bad thought patterns and allowing yourself to get swallowed but wishing you could get out,” Chymes describes the single.

She continues, “Sometimes I drag myself down to the lowest point without realising it and it can be so difficult to remember that I am in control. It’s really a moment of reflection on mental health. And although the story of the song doesn’t have a solution or a happy ending, I just hope people can listen to this song and feel comfort in knowing that so many of us suffer with this kind of thing and that it’s okay, you’re not alone.”

See You In Hell
Game Over
I Think I Made You Up
My Own Worst Enemy

About Chymes:

With an ever-growing fan base across the globe following a tweet from BTS star Jungkook, Chymes has been streamed over 30 million times across Apple and Spotify. Her previous releases “Black Hole Friend” and “Karma,” have featured in numerous Spotify editorial playlists including “SALT” and “New Pop Revolution.” Early singles, “Dreaming” and “Wild,” were featured on season one of the drama series Good Trouble and her 2021 single, “Death Wish,” was synced on the new Pretty Little Liars reboot. She has supported Winston Surfshirt, The Preatures, Lastlings, Tigertown, Alice Ivy, Bad Pony, Evan Klar, San Mei, Austen, and more on tour. t’s just the beginning for Chymes.