October 21, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Australia based singer-songwriter and poet Laura Lucas, releases her debut EP Light The Candle, Hold The Mirror, via Nettwerk.

I wrote these songs during a period of uncertainty when the pandemic had me stuck in Canada while I was waiting for my future in Australia to begin,” says Laura about the EP. She continues, “It’s really special for me to have those complex and sometimes contradicting feelings summed up in this collection of songs”

Canadian born and raised, Laura Lucas fell in love with storytelling from a young age. Her introspective songwriting is charmingly delivered by delicate vocals and dreamy instrumentation rooted in a warm, modern take on the indie-folk genre. Laura’s ability to captivate listeners and distill complex emotions through song has earned her comparison to some of music’s biggest names.

Not only is Laura a stunning singer, but also a poet whose work has appeared in various publications such as About Place Journal, Press 53, Iris Literary Journal, and elsewhere.

It’s rather fitting that Laura’s debut EP Light the Candle, Hold the Mirror was produced entirely remotely between Canada and Australia, as the five tracks that make up the EP collectively tell the story of how the two places have shaped who she is and where she’s going. With the narrative pull of Laura’s heartfelt lyrics, threaded together by her soft and expressive voice, the songs reflect the tension between an acute sense of nostalgia for the city Laura grew up in and the future that awaits her in Australia. The Light the Candle, Hold the Mirror EP was produced by Nettwerk’s very own artist Garrett Kato (Ziggy Alberts, Kyle Lionhart).

Light the Candle, Hold the Mirror  is available at all digital retailers here.

Light the Candle, Hold the Mirror EP Tracklist:
1. Other Rivers
2. Harmon Avenue
3. Lost and Found
4. House in the Woods
5. Melbourne