Austin Basham Announces Debut Album, Shares New Song

May 25, 2018 BY Nettwerk

Indie-folk singer-songwriter Austin Basham is excited to announce his debut full-length album, You And Me For Now, will be released on July 27th via Nettwerk Music Group.

Today, Austin released the final single, “Frames.” The track premiered yesterday via Cowboys & Indians who said it, “…radiates with all the qualities of folk rock that captivate audiences. Its solemn lyrics unfold to dreamy guitar strums and clean piano keys, leading to a harmonious bridge. The song’s mellow indie flair and light sound are balanced with Basham’s brooding lyrics and tender, but deep, vocals. The result is an introspective masterwork.


After graduating with an engineering degree from UT, the Texan-native decided to put a traditional career on hold to pursue his lifelong passion of music.  A chance online encounter with an international producer then led him to spend his mid-twenties traveling the globe writing and recording. The songs on the record were shaped by his experiences navigating foreign towns, long distance relationships and ups & downs that come with leaving everything you know behind. Just as he took inspiration from his own life, he also found it in his surroundings. Austin explains, “The scenery in Norway alone is inspiration enough to write an album, but better than the scenery are the people,” It’s often hard to differentiate between the stories that are his and the stories he tells.

In addition to Oslo, Norway, Linton, UK had the next biggest impact on Basham. In 2016, he even titled his self-released EP, the “Linton // Oslo EP” after the two small cities. The single, “All Is Well,” from that first release became a viral hit, led to his signing with Nettwerk and currently has over 42 million plays on Spotify alone. The song will also be featured on You And Me For Now.

Stay tuned for more to come from Austin this year!

You And Me For Now Track List:

Sounds Like Help
All Is Well
Foreign Town
New House
Sea So Blue
You And Me