Atlanta Dream Pop Band BATHE ALONE Announce New LP ‘I Don’t Do Humidity’ Out June 7th

January 26, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

 Atlanta dream pop artist Bathe Alone announces their new record, I Don’t Do Humidity, will be out on June 7th.  Known for exploring her own life in her music, multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone dives even deeper with the new LP, unpacking her recent divorce and toxic friendships. Like last year’s double EP, Fall With The Lights DownI Don’t Do Humidity features a kaleidoscopic array of swirling synths, moody minor-key melodies, lush vocal layers, and hazy, crystalline production, courtesy of Crone’s close friend and collaborator Damon Moon (Curtis Harding, Lunar Vacation) and his studio, Standard Electric Recorders Co. As Crone poured her divorce experience into what would become the most raw, experimental, and personal project of her career, she discovered a newfound confidence in her vocal abilities. As she worked out what she wanted to say, she simultaneously pushed herself to new, more evocative places as a songwriter.

While the whole of I Don’t Do Humidity processes the lead-up and fallout of Crone’s 2021 divorce, the title actually refers to the evolution of another formative relationship, this time with an old friend. After mindfully seeking to repair this friendship, Crone found a useful metaphor in an oppressive weather pattern. “When you’re in humidity, you feel sticky and weighed down,” Crone explains. “Everything feels heavier in the atmosphere. It just made sense to me—to compare them to water in a negative way.” The new record will include the recent singles, “Call Me Back” (watch Bathe Alone perform it on Flood Magazine’s Neighborhood Sessions), “Gemini,” and “Archive 81.”

Today, she shares the bop of a breakup anthem, “Blame Me,” along with the official video. She explains, “This song is a reflection on my response to being gaslit for calling out the truth during what would ultimately get the ball rolling on the divorce. I brought up my suspicion about some unacceptable behavior in my marriage, and my husband completely went off the deep end. He stormed out of the situation and basically tried to make me feel crazy for interpreting his behavior as infidelity. I was trying to find a resolution, but he didn’t want to acknowledge his contribution to the problem. It felt like all of a sudden there were two teams, and I was outnumbered by one. We had gone to couples therapy, and the therapist even pointed out flaws in his thinking about this other woman. In this song, I’m looking back, knowing my gut was right the whole time.”


Bathe Alone is the moniker for multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone, who works closely with producer Damon Moon (Curtis Harding, Lunar Vacation & more) at his iconic studio, Standard Electric. Growing up with a formal background in classical music, Crone first burrowed her way into the Peach State’s indie scene as a teenager. She picked up drums, guitar, and bass early on and sharpened her skills playing in various bands, including touring as the drummer for the buzzy Girlpuppy. Bathe Alone was founded on her skills as a drummer, with influences from punk to ambient guitar drenched in delay. Her 2023 Double EP, Fall With The Lights Down, is a sonic expression of nostalgic longing, with each part dedicated to one of Bailey’s great-grandmothers whom she never met and are pictured on the cover of their namesake EP. The double EP received praise from media outlets like Under The Radar, Flood, Luna Collective, Atwood MagazineFloodOnes to Watch, and notable fellow musicians like Sharon Van Etten. She has already opened for artists like Jadu Heart, Beabadoobee, Neighbor LadyVacations, and Last Dinosaurs.