Ash Koley to Release New Album – Elements- on July 15

May 31, 2016 BY Nettwerk

 Winnipeg’s eclectic pop/singer-songwriter duo Ash Koley announced today that they will release their sophomore album Elements on July 15 (available for pre-order now).

“Elements means a few different things,” Koley says of the new album title. “We introduced a few different elements for this record, meaning collaborators and places and experiences and sounds. And we’ve also been placed out of our element, which is normally just the two of us in a Winnipeg studio. Now it’s travelling to L.A., working with other people and going to different sessions every day.”

One of these sessions resulted in “Dangerous Words,” a beat-driven anthem about fear, commitment and the life-changing weight of the words “I love you.” The single is currently at HOT AC and AC radio formats across the country and can be heard below.

The new record is a bold leap forward from the 2010 debut Inventions, which came out on Nettwerk Records/Sony Music Entertainment Canada and won over audiences with its bouncy bubbly cabaret pop. The album’s single “Don’t Let Your Feet Touch Ground” hit the Canadian Hot 100, was featured in various film and TV placements, and was even included in the broadcast of Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics.

In the years since then, Koley and Deschambault have thrown themselves into an intensive writing process in which they entirely overhauled their approach. Koley moved to Los Angeles, and the pair frequently met up for intensive sessions with a cast of co-writers. Although the duo continued to handle nearly all of the production themselves, their new collaborators helped them to expand their palette to incorporate synth-pop, hip-hop and soul.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.