Vacation Manor

On their 2021 self-titled full-length debut, Vacation Manor, the Virginia duo—Nathan Towles [vocals, guitar] and Cole Young [drums]—stitch together shared and personal experiences in a patchwork of vibrant and vivid alternative anthems wrapped in shimmering guitars, glistening keys, upbeat sunny grooves, and iridescent melodies.“To us, the album feels like looking at photos on your phone from the last few years,” says Nathan. “The music is very experiential. We believe songs are like lifeboats. You use them to get back to shore again. Once you’re there, the song is for whoever needs it next.”Vacation Manor continue to sail those lifeboats back and forth. In 2016, they introduced themselves via the debut Girl, Say EP followed by Everything I Can’t Say Out Loud two years later. Racking up over 35 million streams, they continued to entrance and engage listeners. Over the past two years, they carefully architected this new body of work, retreating to Joshua Tree to record with producer Charlie Stavish before making intermittent trips back and forth to Nashville where they worked with Kyle Cummings.“If you listen to the whole record, I hope it’s like watching a movie you relate to,” Cole leaves off. “It encompasses our personal tastes and experiences.”“It’s a culmination of the last seven years, because we started as a garage band and ended up making a record we’re really proud of,” Nathan agrees. “I’m excited to relive all of the things that led us to make this. It’s Vacation Manor.”