Tolari is Ed Tullett and Auryn Waring, friends since school, artists in their own right, recording and releasing as Lowswimmer and Shinamon Moki respectively. Unable to meet in person, they recorded remotely, Ed in his home studio to the west of Cardiff, Wales; Auryn in an apartment in the Xuhui district of Shanghai, China. The music (to be released via Nettwerk Records) is as much Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy, or Silent Hill as it is Zimmer, Vangelis, or Salisbury & Barrow, delicately weaving game soundtracks and cinematic scores with the threads of Portico Quartet, Holy Other, and ‘Immunity’-era Jon Hopkins. This evocative, propulsive, entirely instrumental tapestry finds strength in its polyphonic, wide-screen diversity.