Tobias Dray

Paris-born producer/composer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist Tobias Dray doesn’t fall under one sub-genre, producing electronic music, indie pop, and indie R&B.  Tobias is preparing to release his debut EP DAYDREAMER (via Nettwerk Records), a 4-song offering that is a classic “recording-in-2020” story. Unable to meet vocal collaborators in person, Tobias (who has had a knack for cherry-picking collaborators via the internet) turned to Spotify, reaching out to vocalists Abel., Ben Chandler, Knightly, and POLYDRIVE with personalized messages complimenting them on their music and asking if they’d like to work together.  The result is a collection of songs that balance organic and electronic elements and best reflect Tobias' collection of obscure hip-hop and jazz vinyl.