The Field Tapes

Kyle McEvoy is a busy person. Deeply entrenched in the lo-fi scene, McEvoy has spent years doing A&R for Chill hop Music, helping to establish artists like Aviino, Ezzy, and G. Mills.In addition, he built a catalog of 200+ songs featuring artists  like  The  Album  Leaf,  Shigeto,  Bad  Snacks,  tender  Spring,  Yutaka  Hiraska,  Park  Bird  &  more.  Based  in Woodstock, NY, McEvoy puts together weeklong songwriting camps called "The Sonder Hop," bringing together 30 of the biggest lo-fi artists from around the world. From these sessions, McEvoy has collaborated and released music with Idealism,  Brock  Berrigan,  Philanthrope  &  pop  artists  like  SYML,  Wilderado,  Peter  Cottondale,  Michael  Christmas  & more. Says McEvoy, “over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of artists; there’s so much passion about the music we make. It’s not just about beats. It’s about building a community of artists through events/festivals, songwriting camps, and musical collaborations. It feels good to be a part of that. It’s been humbling, to say the least,"says McEvoy. The music from his Nettwerk Records debut EP is meant as something of a thematic companion to the 2020 LP ‘Loving Someone  You  Lost’ —and  it  also brings  back  McEvoy’s  collaborator Ezzy(a.k.a.  Zach  Ezickson),  the  producer  and multi-instrumentalist who worked with him on the collaborative 2020 EP‘Mood Ring.’