The Ballroom Thieves

While never shying away from topics and ideas they are passionate about, The Ballroom Thieves – Martin Earley and Calin Peters – have charmed fans around the country. Their catalog has amassed hundreds of millions of streams, garnered key press (NPR Music, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post) and radio support, and gained a loyal live following, with sold-out shows and festival spots at Boston Calling, Newport Folk, and Calgary Folk. After a major car accident, the onset of the pandemic, and the departure of a band member, the duo have been learning to roll with the punches. "We were able to step away from a lot of the big three-part harmonies and for the first time we recorded most of the album live. We try to let change inspire us, even when it comes with difficulty.“ It’s an artistic statement that doubles as a life mission. The pair both emphasize that they’ve learned to navigate complicated situations, including their struggles with depression, which often color their songs. If they can impart anything to listeners, it’s that talking about mental health is not a weakness—and that sharing any of life’s trials can be a source of strength.