Ten Kills the Pack

Ten Kills The Pack (a.k.a. Sean Sroka) applies a deep level of intimacy and eloquence to confessional songs rooted in modern motifs. He seamlessly translates cosmopolitan, commuter lifestyles through thought-provoking, indie-folk soundscapes as he embodies the role of a “city songwriter” through and through.

His debut EP, Force Majeure, is a series of definitive moments delivered through artful songcraft and organic instrumentation as he defines “city folk” as a genre. These songs were crystallized through recording sessions held in Toronto high-rises, where the sights, sounds and shapes of the city were woven into the music.

It’s for this reason that Sean Sroka proves his title as modern poet, composing songs that are uniquely his. His strength as a songwriter is a result of his acute awareness. His music allows us to view genuine human experiences through an unfiltered and impartial view. His songs say self-pity and self-destructive tendencies only prove your humanness; that happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin and that healing takes time. Instead of focusing on the grandiose, he shines a spotlight on the granular, taking pause to celebrate those small moments. The unglamorous is interesting, because it’s relatable.