Conjuring his own sonic alchemy, rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Snøw has quietly materialized out of the sleepy small town of Salem, MA as a platinum-certified phenomenon with streams in the billions and critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Idolator, Notion, and more.“My goal is to dabble in everything,” he states. “I don’t ever just lean towards one specific style. I have a ton of musical inspirations, so I want to pull in as much as possible.”As a kid, Snøw instantly gravitated towards music. During Sunday service, he would study every element of the church band. In seventh grade, he picked up piano as an elective. His parents eventually bought him a keyboard and guitar, and he wrote music of his own at a prolific pace. He gained initial traction as an artist on YouTube, where he shared popular covers such as Shiloh Dynasty’s “I Miss You” and XXTENTACION’s “Wing Ridden Angel.”Around the same time, he joined the Lonely Music collective and teamed up with Italian producer Kina to create “Get You To The Moon.” The track initially took over TikTok before tallying north of 1 billion streams and earning a platinum certification from the RIAA. Since the track’s explosion, he’s had several more songs generate tens of millions of Spotify streams, such as “I’m Not Enough and I’m Sorry,” “You Don’t Want Me Anymore,” “Say Goodbye” and “you never meant it” [with Skinny Atlas & cøzybøy].2022 saw Snøw drop his debut album, I Smoke To Cope, inciting widespread acclaim. Billboard featured “Blaming Me For Us” on its “R&B/Hip-Hop Fresh Picks of the Week” column, proclaiming: “Snøw masterfully captures the blurry line between love and habit, over moody guitar and sharp-hitting percussion.” while Vanyaland noted, “The song spins Snøw’s signature sad boy demeanor into unshaken conviction.” In the album’s wake, he launched his first tour, in support of Powfu.For as much as Snøw pulls together various vibes, everything revolves around his keen sense of empathy.“I’m taking negativity and turning it into something positive through creating songs,” he leaves off. “I want you to know you’re not the only one going through shit.”