Rosemary & Garlic


The Netherlands-based Rosemary & Garlic will see the worldwide release of their much-anticipated self-titled  debut  album  on  January  12,  2018.    In  just  a few  years,  the  Dutch  duo –Annevan  den Hoogan (vocals) & Dolf Smolenaers (keys) -managed to enchant an ever-growing audience with their music, which is rooted in the folk and singer-songwriter tradition, but at the same time exceeds all categories.  With first single “I’m Here,” the response is positive. “I’m Here” was immediately added to key Spotify playlists, reaching a million-plus streams shortly after its release. 

After  the  wintry The  KingfisherEP  (2015),the album effectively  captures  the  emotions of  all  four seasons. Nature is a major theme in the album’s sound and lyrics. During her study of literary history,Anne fell in love with Romanticism –an 18th century artistic, literary, and intellectual movement, in which nature was used as a metaphor for emotions and main characters sought authenticity. 

The cover  artwork was  created  byAmerican  artistGregory  Euclide,  who  also  designed some  of  Bon Iver’s album covers. His style is characterized by a surreal combination of visual arts and paintings. His work  is  reminiscent  of  an  18th century  diorama.  The  mood  of  the  music on  the  album  is  reflected perfectly by the fairy-tale-like image of the water surrounded by vegetation, in which the grimness of the city is reflected.

In line with the artwork, Rosemary & Garlic’s songs are not part of a specific genre, adding layers of paint from an electronic and vintage palette, whether it’s a subtle change of chords (a la Nick Drake), distancing sounds and rhythms or experiments with echoing electric guitars (like Sufjan Stevens). But always done with a melancholic heart,in which somemay recognize the old Sandy Denny. 

The duo discovered a common love for this kind of music and its artists when they met during a singer-songwriter competition. At first Anne joined Dolfs’ band as a background singer. “After a while I realized it would make more sense to switch roles and put Anne’s vocals and lyrics upfront, with me taking care of the music. Rosemary & Garlic was born out of that ambition,” remembers Dolf.  

One year later, they released the The KingfisherEP. The London based Folk Radio was the first to take notice, “Once you’ve crossed paths with this bird, you keep it very close to your heart.”Folk icon Laura Marling added Rosemary & Garlic to her favorite playlist and Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins / Bella Union) played the band on Amazing Radio (“It’s absolutely beautiful”). In the meantime, the band sold out all its EPs and became the best-selling folk act on Bandcamp. The duo toured extensively in Holland and abroad. 

The statistics are impressive. The song “Old Now” has been streamed 7 million+ times and with 700,000 unique listeners,Rosemary & Garlic can be regarded as one of Holland’s most popular bands. The ever-growing international recognition resulted in a label deal with Nettwerk Music Group that will release the  album  worldwide. On  tour, Rosemary  &  Garlic  will  be  joined  by  Dionne  Nijsten  (cello)  and  Tim Vermulst (drums, Moog).

 With its tranquil vocals and the layered framework of Dolf’s piano and subtle electronics, the album sets the duo for a stellar debut and a rising future.