Rosemary & Garlic

There’s nothing quite like having our very own physical place in the world: A space where we can explore, create, and be whatever version of ourselves we long to be, at any given time.

Virginia Woolf alluded to this in her 1929 essay A Room of One’s Own explaining that a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction: Two things that are still more a privilege, rather than a given, still today. Nearly a century later, Rosemary & Garlic’s Anne van den Hoogen found a fresh start for herself in the Dutch countryside, and for the first time she, too, had a space of peace and quiet: A room of her own to work in.

Set for release in Spring 2023, A Room of One’s Own is the long-awaited sophomore album from Rosemary & Garlic, which Anne van den Hoogen formed with Dolf Smolenaers in 2014. Now her solo project (with Smolenaers collaborating as a co-producer), Rosemary & Garlic sees van den Hoogen coming into her own as a purveyor of lush and lilting indie folk music.

“If you put on the music, I would hope that it would stop you somewhere in your tracks for just a second, just to feel some comfort and some kind of beauty,” she says. “I always try to keep some blank spaces.”

Soft and sweetly introspective, A Room of One’s Own invites listeners to slip into an air of tranquility. Its enchanting songs offer both comfort and serenity as van den Hoogen, who holds a degree in literature and philosophy, creates tender, textured worlds of warmth and wonder. For her, Rosemary & Garlic’s music is about a kind of sensibility in writing, producing, and sharing music – and at its heart is honest storytelling.

“The songs are small observations often grabbed from normal life, dealing with emotions and expectations, grief – very human things,” she explains. “I want people to feel seen.”

Following 2017’s critically acclaimed The Kingfisher EP and 2018’s self-titled debut album, A Room of One’s Own is Rosemary & Garlic’s most realized effort to date, with van den Hoogen playing an active role in every step of the album process. It’s also her most intimate songwriting yet, inspired by such contemporary folk artists as Patrick Watson, Bon Iver, and Sufjan Stevens. The result is an intimate, playful, and delicate piece of dreamy “happy/sad” indie folk.

“I think what you hear in this music is time,” van den Hoogen reflects. Patient, heartfelt, and crafted with care, A Room of One’s Own is both an ending and a new beginning for Anne van den Hoogen and her Rosemary & Garlic project.

“I hope listeners take these songs with them and attach them to some moments they are living in now; that they can grow with them like some of my favorite music can grow with me. Take the songs on your path and find some comfort in them.”

– © Mitch Mosk 2022