Riley Pearce

An  introspective  singer-songwriter, Riley  Pearceoften  writes  about  his  difficulty coping with change and his love-hate relationship with nostalgia. With family spread across the globe and his own stretches of living in a number of different cities, Riley’s lyrics  reflect  that  all  too  human  need  for  connection.  His  honest  songwriting,  and relatable storytelling has resonated both in Australia and overseas, with over 60 million streams to date. An in-demand live touring artist, Riley has sold out headline shows around the world and supported the likes of Lord Huron, Tash Sultana, Lifehouse, The Paper Kitesand Lucy Rose.For  his forthcoming  EP Love  and  All  That  Stuff,  Riley  steps  out  of  his  comfort  zone and showcases a different style with a 5-track collection of love songs. ‘This EP is all about journeying  through  life  alongside  someone  you  love,  the  ups  and  downs  of  a relationship, constantly trying to improve yourself for them, planning a future together and letting someone eat the last chip because you know they’d appreciate it.’After a long lockdown in Melbourne, Riley moved back to his hometown of Perth with his long-term girlfriend and their new puppy. Exploring the theme of love properly for the first time was a big step for Riley. “I hope people really connect with the EP, and that they don’t cry too much. And if this EP puts me in the good books with my partner, well that would be a nice bonus.”