Realizer is the meditative, ambient, guitar-centric side project of prolific musician and multi-instrumentalist Matt C. White (Grandpa Jack, Dead Seconds, Blue Fold, Open Palm.) Realizer’s music is created through meditation and relaxation, and is intended for the same.Realizer—a.k.a. Matt C. White—unlocks a contemplative state through a personal patchwork of ambient sonic architecture, folk eloquence, and electric guitar nuance. The North Carolina-born and New York-based artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer delicately captivates through blissful six-string respite, relief, and release. “A guitar part might remind me of a memory,” observes Matt. “When you listen to me, I hope you connect what I’m doing to your own recollections.”Everything changed on his tenth birthday when he received an acoustic guitar. After listening to Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana as a kid, he eventually discovered Tool and Mastodon. Upon graduating from college, he relocated to New York, began playing in various projects ultimately experimenting on what would become Realizer. The beginnings of Realizer would also be highlighted by field recordings of birds overlaid with radio fuzz. He decamped to Arizona where he recorded three tracks in his buddy Charles Ellsworth’s camper van. The resulting Halcyon Days EP immediately picked up steam on streaming platforms. “Bathe” amassed 8 million-plus Spotify streams as “Hylo” eclipsed 1 million Spotify streams. 2019’s Cross Sectional maintained his momentum followed by 2020’s Just A Moment, Illusions, Cambium, and Collide The Scope. During 2021, he recorded his upcoming Nettwerk debut out of his loft home studio.