Quiet Arrows

Quiet Arrows finds songs as they slip through the cracks of this earthly collision. Lithe finger-picked guitar darts past a haze of barely audible synths and natural percussion as Samuel Robertson chases and catches intensely infectious melodies. He utilizes this persona as an outlet to examines life’s push-and-pull in its purest state. After amassing nearly 40 million streams and landing 100-plus syncs, he unearths harmony amidst these extremes on his 2021 EP, Fault Lines.In between launching The  Woodlands with his wife Hannah, Samuel started composing songs for Quiet Arrows. He introduced the project with Continents Were Made to Sinkin 2012. Three years later, Year of The Cartographer yielded the fan favorite “Find A Way.” In between working on music for the Woodlands and  relocating  to  McCall,  ID,  he  carefully  crafted  new  Quiet  Arrows  music.  This  batch  of  tunes  proved particularly personal, summoning a myriad of feelings to the forefront.“I’ve experienced a lot, especially over the last couple of years,” he admits. “I’m dealing with some different things that have caused me a lot of physical pain. My soul is demanding I create and write songs, but my body has to pay a price. I’ve been thinking about this concept of challenge and friction. When we come up against something, we can either be destroyed by it, or it can make us stronger. Looking at those things in my personal life, that’s what made me gravitate to the lyrical content of these particular songs.”Ultimately, Quiet Arrows molds friction into beauty on the EP and more music on the horizon very soon.