Having spent his life bouncing back and forth between Sweden and Greece, the native countries of his parents, Plàsi (aka Mikael Bitzarakis) was not thrilled about the idea of staying locked inside for months on waiting for the pandemic to end. But with the borders closed, he had to get creative. So, he set sail into the ocean of his creation to find inspiration. Since his debut EP Now & Then, his music has made waves in the global folk scene with its natural beauty and romantic charm, earning 65-million combined streams and a loyal live following. With the latest recordings (Nettwerk Records), Plàsi has decided to use his new personal escape as the setting for his most ambitious project yet. A semi-concept album of sorts -a  journey  to  a  place  where  one  can  reflect  on  “the  world  we  live  in,  and  what  matters.” Writing  gentle pop songs in the tradition of nylon-string pluckers like Nick Drake, Vashti Bunyan, Hollow Coves, George Ogilvie, and Cat Stevens, Plàsi used the shift in perspective to push his music to a new realm.