Flemish artist Phlocalyst plays classical music with a professional orchestra in Munich by day, but his creative pursuits see him moonlighting as a lo-fi producer and trumpet player. To release stress from his classical career, Phlocalyst turned to hip-hop and listened to artists like Pete Rock and J Dilla. Fiddling with an iPad to remake a beat quickly got Phlocalyst hooked on the hobby, leading him to the world of lo-fi production. He’s gained a reputation off of trumpet-heavy compositions, which makes sense as he’s played the instrument since he was five years old.Insights, Phlocalyst’s debut EP with Nettwerk Music Group, is a voyage of muted trumpet and mystical beats slathered in funky melodies with album art created by Giza. Available on December 16, 2022, the reflective EP was conceived during a period of quarantine this past February after creating lo-fi and jazz-hop beats for the past five years. While the first two days of being ill weren’t easy on Phlocalyst, he says his best music is usually created when he’s feeling unwell, where he can embrace and express those sometimes overwhelming and raw emotions. Insights is for the guaranteed good days. For the days with the soft sun hitting like an eternal gold hour, friends gathered together with easy-going jokes, and something strong and refreshing filled in each person’s cup. The jazzy EP is to be thrown into the background while people jibe with one another, enjoying their company and basking in these casual moments. It’s less of a celebration of life and more of an admiration for the present and what’s to come while acknowledging the hardships of the past. Written by Gia Yetikyel