pastels is the artist project of Melbourne producer and musician Annie Bui—the name pastels refers to the soft yet eternally growing nature of her sound. Growing up in a music-forward environment, Annie picked up both the piano and the violin at a young age and went on to major in music composition in college. During her senior year, a trip to Los Angeles sparked her interest in music production, and pastels was born. Her first release came in late 2018 with the Thoughts on Keys EP and she has consistently delivered new music since.Notably. pastels has made strides in bringing her lofi-influenced sound beyond the digital world. Her debut live performance was held alongside the opening of the popular Korean bingsu ice cream shop Scoopy. Additionally, pastels has created a 2020 radio mix in conjunction with 88rising, worked on a 2021 future/soul vinyl compilation album curated by Ta-ku, and most recently, released a rendition of “Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book for a Disney-backed compilation album reimagining classic Disney tunes with a fresh lens.pastels’ next project Love Garden is set for release in June. “With this project, I’ve really taken my time. I’ve tried to step outside of my comfort zone and really push my sound more and more with every new thing I create,” pastels said of her music to come.Written by Carson Huffer