paris91 is a German production duo made up of members Deniz & Flo. The self-proclaimed "music-loving nerds" reside in Hamburg and craft a distinct sound found somewhere between lofi beats, old-school hip-hop, and sophisticated jazzy instrumentals. While both artists spend time on their respective solo projects, they founded the duo because of their love of collaborations. Together, the producers launched paris91 in 2020 and have been creating a unique and inviting sound ever since. Often full of field recordings and atmospheric soundscapes, the beats are later combined with live instruments like violin and guitar.You can browse through their dense catalog of singles (no full-length yet) and step inside this lush and lively world. Although the instrumentals might seem laid-back and easy-going, they’re densely layered and complex. Meticulous and fine-tuned.Numerous tracks from the group have seen success – their instrumental "Kaviar", for example, exceeded five million streams worldwide – and the group currently has half a million monthly listeners on Spotify. With plenty of singles planned for 2022 and beyond, expect much more downtempo and lofi from this collaborative duo.