The eclectic duo that make up ORNAMENT AND CRIME stretches both genre and sonic structure to create music that imbues a kind of dystopian sensuality. Fitting for a collection of songs that was written over a period of extreme civil unrest and worldwide chaos. But that’s not to say it’s without hope — the opposite actually. ORNAMENT AND CRIME—Poolside producer Alex Kemp and Grizfolk drummer Bill Delia, plus featured vocalise Camron Palmer—came together without agenda or expectation. It was pure creative exploration from the outset, which then became more structured over time as the fruits of their labor proved to be something quite special. For the sake of reference, the band’s sound fits somewhere between disco-heavy synth-pop, and a soft touch of indietronica. But that list of descriptors falls short. Spanning a wide range of age, taste, and skill sets, the members of ORNAMENT AND CRIME know that, rather than rely on a single vision, it’s the combination of seemingly disparate voices that makes the music all the more powerful.